Mexico City – June 2013 Was Very Safe

Initially,I thought Mexico City was going to be very dangerous.  Something along the lines of Manila, Philippines or San Jose, Costa Rica.  I was incredibly wrong.  Mexico City is the perfect mix of modern and traditional.  The people were incredibly friendly and helpful.  I was very worried at first about the drug wars and things I’ve heard on the news, but that’s not happening at all within Mexico City.  I had no problems during my travels and I used the public taxis, subways and trains.  Many of the locals were very helpful in making sure we got to our destinations and recommended amazing places.

 There just happened to be a world’s culture fair while I was in town.  Maybe that could explain the extra nice attitude I was receiving?  Nah, I believe everyone was sincerely nice that I met.

 The streets are kept very clean and there’s not too much traffic.  In Los Angeles, people literally just throw their trash on the floor.

 Prepaid metro cards to conserve on paper ticket waste.

From Mexico City to the Teotihuacan Pyramids

While in Mexico City, you have to make the adventure out to the Teotihuacan pyramids.  I booked a tour via “Wayak Day Tours” which I found on TripAdvisor.  The cost was about $38/person when I went June 2013.  This was an outrageously good deal since we were picked up at our hotel, driven to several sites (the Teotihuacan pyramids are about an hour outside of town) and dropped off at our hotel.  The groups were split up between English speakers and Spanish speakers. Our English group turned out to be a small group which turned out great since it allowed us to move faster between locations.  Our guide was very knowledgeable and had a very good sense of humor.  Everyone in our group also became pretty good friends and we caught a luchador show and beer after the tour.  This tour is highly recommended.

I started the day super hungover so I was asleep for the first hour of the tour.  This was great since we were just picking up other tourists and driving to the location.