San Pedro de Atacama: Day 2

Sunday 12/12/15:

After a long night of sleep, I got up early in attempt to get the hotel breakfast.  As I approached the breakfast area at 10:10 the staff was cleaning up.  I asked for breakfast and they pointed me to a sign that showed the breakfast hours.  It ended just 10 minutes before I got there.  Damn.  

I went into town in search of food.  I stopped at the first place I saw that was open (1 minute walk from my hotel).  I ordered a cafe con leche and a chicken/cheese empanada.  


The empanada was pre-made (tasted awful) and so was the coffee.  The meal was about $7 USD.  I ate about 30% of the empanada and took the rest to go.  I ate the remainder for lunch and spent the rest of the day just recharging my HP.  I hung out at the pool and and the patio areas to read and nap.  



With only 2 full days left in SPdA and no tours planned, I went out to fill my remaining time in the city with the tours I wanted.  Luckily I didn’t prebook anything non-refundable since I was deathly ill. I found a few places with a tour starting the next day at 07:00


That night, I wanted to treat myself to a good meal.  Since everything was expensive in the city anyway, I might as well run with it and go to a quality place.  I walked around for awhile and hear live music being played.  The place looked pretty fancy but was empty (at  18:00).  I went in, had a seat, took a look at the menu and was happy to see that the meal prices were at about $10-15USD for this fancy place.

Pisco sour, fried potato and a steak.

A great deal for me so I spent the next hour eating, drinking and enjoying live music.  

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