From Sydney to Katoomba by Train

To get to Katoomba from Sydney, you’ll need to start your journey at Central Station.  There, you’ll find the Katoomba line that will get you there in about two hours for $5.60 AUD.  This is a great deal considering the distance.  The seats were clean/comfortable and the trains cars were air conditioned.  You’ll also find that there are several train cars that are classified as “Quiet Carriages.”  These are great because you are supposed to keep your voice down and stay quiet.  Excellent for the traveler looking for a restful journey. Continue reading “From Sydney to Katoomba by Train”

Sydney: A Broken Phone and a Replacement

While on the way to Katoomba, my Nexus phone died.  This was day 4 of my 4-week vacation.  Damn.  I am completely dependent on my phone for maps, directions, finding good places to eat and taking pictures quickly.  I have a real camera to take higher quality photos but it’s too much of a hassle to take it out of my bag especially when I see something funny passing by.  Continue reading “Sydney: A Broken Phone and a Replacement”