678 KBBQ in Sydney, Australia – High Expectations

I’m a big fan of the korean BBQ restaurant in Los Angeles’ K-Town “Kang Hodong Baekjeong.” Within the LA restaurant, they have posters of the other cities they have restaurants in, which happened to be the city I was currently if for the New Year’s break, Sydney.

678 KBBQ

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor inside a building  You can see the modestly sized sign from outside.

I couldn’t miss an opportunity to see how they do things down under with their korean bbq so I found 678 KBBQ.  Since they’re a branch of my favorite restaurant I had high expectations.  In LA, the quality and service is outstanding.  People wait for up to two hours just to eat at this restaurant.  So you could probably understand this pre-emptive smile that was full of happy memories from eating the best KBBQ Los Angeles had to offer:

678 KBBQ

First difference was that they didn’t cook the food for you.  Okay, no problem, I can do that if I need to (I didn’t though as you can tell by the pictures).  The next thing was the quality of the meat, it was good but not at the same level of excellence I’m used to.

I’m not completely saying this place is awful, but just saying it’s not the best.  If you want the best, it’s in Los Angeles.

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