TG business class

Melbourne to Bangkok on Thai Airways Business Class

Flight: TG 466
Time: 3:25pm – 8:35pm
Class: Business

For 30k United miles and $118USD (plus $75 close in fee), I flew from Melbourne to Chiang Mai with a connection in Bangkok.

I loosely plan my trips (as in I only planned the first week out of four) with a general idea of where I want to go.  I initially wanted to go to New Zealand and the Philippines.

After researching New Zealand, I couldn’t find anything interesting enough to justify me going there.  There was a monsoon in most of Southeast Asia so the Philippines was no longer an option.  Sunshine in Chiang Mai? I guess I’ll go there…so I did.  I looked at my inventory of miles and found I can get there in business class for just 30k United miles.

The flight was very pleasant.  There weren’t any additional ground services or express passes for business class passengers arriving in Bangkok.  I flew Thai Airways in first class before and they drive you from your arrival gate to the diplomatic immigration line.  That was a great VIP experience.

Be aware though, if you’re a US citizen you don’t need a visa when arriving in Thailand.  I only booked a one-way ticket since I didn’t figure out the next destination yet.  They don’t require that you have a departing ticket from Thailand.

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