Getting a Thai SIM Card

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it wasn’t too difficult to get by without a phone.  As I was walking around the mall, I found a cell phone carrier store called CAT.  Out of curiosity, I walked in and asked about what plans they had. A tourist plan was available that included 14 days of unlimited data, text and phone for 120THB!  That’s $3.80USD.  

So I purchased the plan and the worker set up my phone.  I think they laughed and made a comment about how old my Galaxy S3 was while they were setting it up.

Now that I had a Thai SIM card with data, I created a new Uber account.  This was great for Thailand cause rides were 30-80THB for rides that were about 1-3 miles.  The streets aren’t well maintained and crossing the street is dangerous with the amount of traffic.  I took a tuktuk 1 mile the day before and they charged me 150THB.  Uber made my stay in Chiang Mai hassle free.

My next stop was Japan for 4 days and they sold SIM cards from vending machines at the airport.  There was a 1 week pass but they were charging 3200JPY for it.  Way too much for 4 days so I rolled the dice on having no data there.  Most places had wifi and my go-to location was Starbucks.

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