From Tokyo To Fujinomiya: By Bus

From Tokyo To Fujinomiya: By Bus

During Mt. Fuji Hiking Season (summer), buses run throughout the day from the Tokyo Station JR Express Bus Terminal. You can purchase a ticket from Tokyo to Fujinomiya (cities around Mt. Fuji) for 2570JPY.  

I booked a capsule hotel in Fujinomiya and this was a cheaper option than taking the trains. If you take the train from Fujinomiya, it will actually cost more, there’s several transfers, you might have to stand for most of the trip and the duration of the journey is similar to the bus.

fuji expressway bus

I’d absolutely recommend taking the bus.  You get your own seat, your luggage is stored. 

bus to mt fuji

The bus takes a little less than 3 hours depending on traffic.  There is a restroom on the bus.  Halfway through the journey the bus will stop at a rest station for 10 minutes.  At the station, you can use the restroom and buy drinks/snacks.  Before departing after the 10 minute break, the bus driver will walk up and down the bus checking the passenger headcount.  This is to make sure the bus leaves with everyone.

fuji expressway bus

The bus stops were pretty far apart.  From Tokyo Station, we got out at the 4th stop “Fujinomiya City Office.”  The actual stop would have been Fujinomiya Station but I didn’t want to risk missing the Fujinomiya stop.  I saw other people get out so I went with it.  The Fujinomiya office is about a 5 minute walk from the station so it didn’t make sense to me that the bus would stop again so soon.

fuji expressway bus

Overall, the bus ride was a pleasant and easy experience for a journey to Mt. Fuji from Tokyo.


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