Unusual Eats: Horse Sashimi and Whale Bacon in Nagasaki

Unusual Eats: Horse Sashimi and Whale Bacon in Nagasaki

At an izakaya called 炉端亜紗 喜三郎 (Kozaburo Kirisaki) in Nagasaki, I noticed two unusual menu options: whale and horse.  I haven’t really thought about eating those two creatures before, but since I had the opportunity I went for it.

After arriving in Nagasaki, I was so hungry that I could eat a horse! Luckily, I found a place that served horse and whale.  So…I got the “surf and turf”! Get it? Surf and turf!

The Menu

One of the item’s was called Kumamoto’s horse meat sashimi. I felt really bad. Kumamoto has been having such a hard time lately that he had to sell his horse…one really delicious horse.strange japanese food

I selected 4 things on the menu: Horse sashimi, whale bacon, crab & cheese croquette and a beer.  The last two items were really to wash the taste out in case I didn’t like it.


Horse Sashimi:

It’s sashimi so it was raw meat and had an unfamiliar texture   The horse had a lot of muscle and not much fat.  It must have been a fast horse…just not fast enough. (laugh track)

horse sashimi

Whale Bacon:

This was ALL FAT. I think I’ve had an easier time with chewing gum.  It took some time to chew this.  Not much flavor to it but we ate it!

whale bacon

Crab & Cheese Croquette:

As you can imagine, tasty with a beer.

crab and cheese croquette

I don’t think I’d get horse sashimi and whale bacon again.  But I would probably try a different cut or dish. If you had the opportunity to try horse and whale meat, would you?

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