How To Take A Failed Journey to Kinosaki Onsen

I walked over from the Intercontinental to Osaka Station at 13:00 to get a ticket for 14:00 train.  There was some difficulty getting a ticket in the office since the attendant’s English was not that good (but my Japanese is worse) so I had trouble understanding him.  I understood enough that there was a train arriving at 14:15 so I had time to go get food. Continue reading “How To Take A Failed Journey to Kinosaki Onsen”

Getting a Thai SIM Card

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it wasn’t too difficult to get by without a phone.  As I was walking around the mall, I found a cell phone carrier store called CAT.  Out of curiosity, I walked in and asked about what plans they had. A tourist plan was available that included 14 days of unlimited data, text and phone for 120THB!  That’s $3.80USD.   Continue reading “Getting a Thai SIM Card”