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Finding The Cheapest cities to Fly To In Europe: Wizz Air Review

In this post we’ll cover my Wizz Air review from Malta to Cluj. Wizz airlines is one of many low cost carriers Europe which means you could book a flight from Malta to Cluj for €40. Cluj, Romania is one of the cheapest cities to fly to in Europe. The €40 price is without Wizz Air baggage, I added in Wizz Priority boarding so I could include my carry-on for a total price of €48. In Malta, they didn’t check if anyone paid for WizzAir luggage. We’ll also cover how to book cheap flights and fly to the cheapest airports in Europe.

Finding The Cheapest Cities To Fly To in Europe

It’s easy to find the cheapest cities to fly to in Europe with the Google Flight app. Your typical results will show the most basic price which won’t include luggage. Keep that in mind when looking for the cheapest airports in Europe.

My flight on Wizz airlines from Malta to Cluj-Napoca was €32 before the fees and ended up being €48 with Wizz priority boarding and Wizz Air baggage (carry-on). Still a great price which is why I waited for the flight.

Using Google Flights To Find The Cheapest Cities To Fly To In Europe

  1. Start by going to Google Flights. You can choose one-way or round trip, it works for both search options.
  2. Select your starting destination. In my case, I was trying to find a flight out of Malta.
  3. Select a date you would like to fly
  4. Do not enter a destination airport (Where to?). Just hit search and it will bring up the Destination Explorer.
cheapest airports in europe

You can set the filters by stops, airlines, price, times and more. Google has a lot of travel tools and you should check out my guide to the Top 5 Google Travel Apps.

The results show the cheapest airports in Europe once you add-in the filters. Personally, I was looking for the cheapest cities to fly to Europe and only direct flights from Malta.

Wizz Air Review

Wizz Air Booking Online The Cheapest Cities to Fly To In Europe

Wizz Airlines, one of many low cost carriers Europe had the best deal by far with a Fare Price of €32. Like most airlines, the additional fees can add up really quickly. Being careful and learning from your mistakes is the key to value in this game.

I thought I needed to add-on Wizzair Luggage. Since I was only traveling with a carry-on, I didn’t need purchase the Wizz Air baggage to check-in.

Wizz Priority included priority boarding and a carry-on bag for an additional €8. That’s pretty reasonable, but I later found out I didn’t need to pay it!

Wizz Air Booking Online Additional Fees

As you search for flights with Wizz Air, you’ll always see the introduction price which is €32 in this case. Then they tack on a €8 Administration fee. That’s nonsense, but the flight is still cheap.

wizz air fees

I’m a carry-on only traveler. It’s much cheaper than paying for checked luggage and you don’t have to ever wait for your luggage. I stopped checking luggage because I’ve had times where I waited for my luggage over an hour! Only to find out they’ve lost it.

So while doing carry-on only, it can be a battle for overhead bin space. I want to always get on the plane early to secure that space for my bag. Since priority boarding was €8 and included the fee for a carry-on bag, I added it on.

While boarding for Wizz Air several times over the summer of 2018, they didn’t check if I paid for Wizz Air baggage. Feel free to risk it if you’re a gambler.

I’d recommend checking out these tips for Flying on European Low-Cost Carriers so you know how to prepare.

Don’t Pay for Priority Boarding at Small Airports: Cheapest Airports in Europe

There are no jet bridges at Malta Airport. After a lot of traveling, you’ll start to notice that small airports in Europe don’t use jet bridges. Everyone is shuttled from the terminal to the plane via bus. Paying for Wizz priority boarding in this situation is pointless.

wizzair luggage being carries on to the plane
Paying for priority boarding allowed me to see everyone else board the plane first.

Since you’re being shuttled on to a bus, priority boarding gets you first access to the bus. Unfortunately passengers who didn’t have priority boarding are going to be the first ones off the bus and on to the plane.

Low cost carriers Europe try to save money by not using jet bridges (when available) since it will cost the airline more. If a European low cost carrier is doing a lot of flights that day, they’ll use a jet bridge to save time and make more money.

Inside The Cabin: WizzAir Review

Inside the cabin, you’ll find the Wizz Air seats in a 3×3 configuration. Very typical for regional flights. You’ll also notice that there are no in-flight entertainment screens or phone holders.

Wizzair review
The plane has 3×3 seating
Check Out My Travel Tech Page to upgrade your in-flight experience!
cheapest airports in Europe: Cluj, Romania
No headrest cover / Headrests are not adjustable.

Less common, you’ll find that the head rests are naked on these Wizz Air seats. Typically you’ll find a white cloth sheet on the headrest.

Fun Facts: Plane Seat Headrest Seats

If you look closely at the top of the seat, there’s a soft rectangle patch on the leather seats. That’s to attach the white cloth to protect your head and the seat.

It protects the seat from the oils on your hair to the seat last longer. For you, it protects your head from the oils of other people’s hair.

cheapest cities to fly to europe: Cluj, Romania
No TV screens

Wizz Air Seats

As you can tell from the photos, Wizz Airlines has very basic seats. For the lowest price to the cheapest airports in Europe, I’m absolutely okay with that.

wizz air: low cost carriers europe
It’s a good things I’m not any taller. My knees are very close to that seat.

If you’re tall, you may suffer some discomfort in the seats. I know Europe has a lot of tall people so they made it just cramped enough to fit. They also do this on low cost carriers in Asia, but my knees actually hit the seat in front of me in that situation.

wizz air review

Selecting A Plane Seat For A Fee or Take Anything For Free

During the Wizz Air booking online, I didn’t pay extra to select my seat. The flight was pretty empty, but they still gave me the worst seat! In the back, next to the bathroom.

Traveler Tip: Seats in the last row don’t recline.

If your new to traveling and want to learn more about picking a seat, I have a guide on How To Pick An Airline Seat.

wizz airlines air vents
air vents!

Traveler Tip: Using Plane Air Vents! Turn them to activate!

I’m glad they had air vents. It gets stuffy on planes. If you’ve never used them before, it’s easy. Just reach up to the knob and turn it counter-clockwise. This opens up the air vent and give you a little cool air.

Since I was sitting alone, I pointed all the air vents at me.

wizz air review
Small Seat Table Tray

As you can see, the table tray are pretty small. You won’t be able to fit a full-sized laptop comfortably.

WizzAir Review Last Thoughts

It was a relatively short (and direct) flight from Malta to Cluj. With a flight time of 02:25 even flying in cramped conditions isn’t that bad. 

I didn’t pay extra to assign my seat and they gave me the very last seat in the back with no recline…of course.  BUT! It wasn’t that bad because I was able to board the plane in the back. When we arrived in Cluj I was one of the first people off the plane since I was also able to disembark from the back of the plane.


I wanted to spend the least amount of money to fly and I got exactly what I wanted. If you have low money and low expectations, flying on low cost carriers Europe isn’t a bad options.

Potentially, I could have saved more money by not paying for the early boarding and Wizz Air baggage since it was useless in Malta and Cluj. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t get charged for my carry-on since I’ve been destroyed financially before by Baltic Air and their 50 Euro fee to print a ticket at the airport!

Where are you headed next?

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