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Using Hotel Points: ANA Crowne Plaza Okinawa

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ana crowne plaza okinawa

There happened to be an IHG Accelerate bonus promotion at the time of my booking.  One of my offers was to redeem a cash and points booking with any IHG hotel and I’d get a big bonus.  I ended up being able to book the ANA Crowne Plaza Okinawa for 10k IHG points and $87.20USD.


Okinawa Tourist Guide: American Village

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american village naha

The Okinawa American Village is a collection of malls, shops, restaurants, bars, video games, the beach and everything you think America is about (yup, there’s Budweiser).


Okinawa Tourist Guide: Orion Happy Park

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orion beer factory

When in Okinawa, you’ll notice that most places that serve beer, is going to serve Orion beer.  Draft choices are limited to that. It was rare to see Kirin or Sapporo. As a beer connoisseur (very polite version of saying alcoholic), I thought I’d take this opportunity to visit the Orion brewery (Orion Happy Park).