Frequent Traveler Toolkit

Toolkit: – Searching award travel flights for Star Alliance – Searching award travel flights for One World – Searching award travel flights for Sky Team – Tracking all your credit card accounts – Tracking all your miles and hotel points – Searching hotel point prices around the world – Tracking your vacation plans by consolidating itineraries– An airlines award chart search engine – Calculating the distance between airports



  • Get a checking account. It’s free, you get 0.1% interest and best of all there are no ATM fees anywhere in the world. I use this when traveling since I get close to the bank rate when taking out money.  I also just take out small sums of money since carrying a lot of currency is risky.
  • Get Google Project Fi phone service. They charge $20/month for the service and $10/Gb of data used.  Best of all they connect to the fastest network available and can be used internationally at no additional cost. Stay connected!
  • If you don’t want to figure out what the best value for your miles/points are, there are many “Award Booking Services” that will do all the research for you. Typical cost is $100-200.
  • If you need to understand why credit cards (when used responsibly) can be incredibly beneficial to you, NerdWallet has a great article here:

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