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Game Bar Continue: An Osaka Video Game Bar

Game Bar Continue: An Osaka Video Game Bar

I found an Osaka Video Game Bar!  A very cool retro gaming spot.  Nostalgia, alcohol and video games all in one location in Osaka, Japan. Game Bar Continue brings it all to you.FINDING GAME BAR CONTINUE

I was staying nearby at the Best Western Shinsaibashi (central Osaka) when late one night I saw a small display for “Game Bar Continue”.  An Osaka video game bar? This caught my eye, which led me to trying to get into the building.  The display said it was on the 4th floor so naturally I went toward the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors opened you were inside the bar.  It was a cold night so when elevator doors opened I was greeted by the warm air from the heater.  This was a welcomed feeling.


The host showed us to a table and handed us a menu.  Luckily, I went here with my Japanese friend because it would have been difficult to figure things out since an English menu/staff was not available. There’s a 500JPY cover charge and you have to order a drink each hour.

The games on the walls are for display only. There’s a bin by the entrance with a bunch of cartridges that are available to customers for play. Controllers and consoles can easily be requested/swapped out.

Since this is Japan of course, there are plenty of video game bars, arcades throughout the country.  Round One is one of my favorite places but it’s also nice to relax in a very cozy place like this one.  It gave me the nostalgic feeling of my childhood where I would visit a friend’s place to play video games.  Since I was with friends, the nostalgia was even stronger.

In conclusion, if you happen to be in Osaka, stop in for a drink and a game or two.  It’s a nice change of pace from the typical bars in Japan.  AND, you can find an owl cafe just on the next block.

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