Getting From Nagasaki Airport To Nagasaki City: Airport Limo Bus

nagasaki airport bus

There’s really only two options to get to Nagasaki city from Nagasaki Airport: You can take an expensive taxi or the airport limousine bus for 900JPY.

Arriving In Nagasaki (NGS) Airport

Nagasaki does not have a very big airport.  As you can see from the photo, the arrivals baggage carousel only has two belts.nagasaki baggage claim

When I arrived in Nagasaki airport, I used the Google Maps app to see what my options were to get to the city of Nagasaki. The only realistic option was the airport limousine bus. I had no problem picking this option since I’ve used the airport limousine bus in Tokyo several times and found it to be a convenient option.

Buying Tickets For The Airport Limousine Bus

The pricing for the tickets varied depending on your destination.  This was really just an airport bus because there were a few stops between the airport and Nagasaki city.  The price from the airport to the city was 900JPY for a ride trip that took 45 minutes without traffic.nagasaki airport bus nagasaki airport bus nagasaki airport bus

The bus wasn’t too full and there was plenty of space for luggage.  Nagasaki isn’t as densely populated as other cities in Japan, but a lot of the buildings are still built close together.

From the bus stop, it was only a 5-minute walk to my capsule hotel, First Cabin Nagasaki.

After checking in, I went to eat horse and whale meat.  A little surf and turf.

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