hinoya curry

Hinoya Curry: The Legendary Japanese Curry

I love Japanese Curry and end up mostly eating at Coco Ichibanya.  But, as I was walking around Tokyo I found a place called Hinoya Curry that served an amazing plate of curry. It was the best curry I’ve ever had!

Best Curry Tokyo

I’ve had curry at so many places. Coco Ichibanya is a solid go to since it’s a global chain. They set the bar for curry. Hinoya Curry jumps WAY over that bar!

The Hunger For Katsu Curry

I just got off an early flight from Sapporo and the only meal I had was a katsu sandwich from the convenience store in at 6am.  That was 6 hours ago so it was time to eat.  I walked around the area by my capsule hotel in Tameikesanno looking for restaurants. There were A LOT of restaurants.  A lot of those restaurants also had lines out the door.  I was in the mood for curry so I walked around searching for it.  I found a few places that had curry dishes, but I wanted to find a place that only specialized in curry.  When a place only specializes in one thing, you know it’s going to be good.

The Journey to Find Japanese Curry

I ended up finding a curry place close by with a short line.  They had a vending machine to order from outside the restaurant but it didn’t have many pictures.  I saw an advertisement for one of their specialty dishes and tracked down the name of it on the vending machine.  After I purchased a ticket I made my way in.

The Curry Rice Experience

The place was full and there was one person ahead of me waiting.  I handed the server my ticket then I sat down for a few minutes until a seat opened up.

hinoya curry

hinoya curryThe curry finally showed up and all my stress from the morning travel just melted away.  This was exactly what I was looking for and it was delicious.  It was more sweet than spicy and the rice was so fluffy that it perfectly complimented the curry.

Curry Yoshinoya: Ehhhhhh

I was up early the next morning at 6am and hungry for more curry. The only thing open was Yoshinoya and they were advertising a black curry so I had to try it out.  It was okay.

yoshinoya black curry

Back To Hinoya Japanese Curry: Better Than Coco Ichibanya (Curry House)

After eating okay curry, the next day I decided to get good curry at Hinoya again. But this time at the Hinoya Curry Shimbashi location. Just as good the 2nd time.

hinoya curry

hinoya curry

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