Exploring The Mdina Fortress of Malta

While in Malta, be sure to block out a few hours to check out the Mdina Gate. It’s another fortress on Malta!

Malta’s Mdina Fortress

Malta, A Rich Past and A Rich Future (with TV and movies!)

Mdina Fortress Malta Due to so many countries wanting to conquer Malta in the past, they had to protect themselves. This explains the layout of the island that you’ll notice when you visit Malta. You’ll also notice that they use a lot of sandstone to build their buildings. Even though a building is new, it will still maintain an older look.

This is great for filmmakers! Malta has been used to represent different cities all over the world and different time periods. Malta has been used for filming on Game of Thrones. They had a tour to see the filming locations, but of course I didn’t go for it.

The exteriors of the fortress are huge. Getting through looks like an impossible feat (for someone over 100 years ago).

The interior of the fortress is like a maze of winding roads. It’s okay if you get lost because there are active business throughout. There’s a church, restaurants, gelato shoppes, souvenirs and jewelry stores.  There’s also a museum if you feel like learning something (I didn’t because I went to get gelato).