Ninja Girl Maid Cafe In Tokyo: A Bar And A Show

Ninja Girl Maid Cafe In Tokyo: A Bar And A Show

For 1000JPY, you get a draft beer and 30 minutes of Japanese girls in ninja outfits teaching you things about ninja history…okay mostly simple games and them doing really cute stuff.

We booked a Mario Kart (Go Kart) tour around Tokyo from the company’s Akihabara office.  This included costumes that allowed you to dress like the characters.  Most importantly, to do this you’ll need your passport and an International Driver’s Permit ($20USD from AAA).  Unfortunately, it was raining on the evening we booked.  We reluctantly cancelled and hoped to try again the next morning.

This then led us in search of dinner and drinks in Akihabara.  We found a katsu place that had a 380JPY drink special.  That special was only available for the first drink (we found out during the 2nd drink).  We ate a few katsu dishes and each had a beer and a highball (whiskey and soda water).

As we were drunkenly walking out of the restaurant, we noticed a lot of the maid cafe girls handing out flyers.  It was raining at this point and late at night so there weren’t many people walking around the streets.

Most of the maid bars served alcohol so we thought it would be an interesting place to drink. I took one flyer from a maid and she started walking me towards her bar.  Then, I saw a ninja girl handing out flyers for her cafe and immediately approached her.  After speaking to her for a moment, I then yelled to my group, “Ninjas!”

I followed the ninja girl to her bar.  I didn’t look back since I knew I was going even if my friends weren’t.  That’s the power of ninjas.  It’s like being hypnotized.  I was ninjatized.

At the entrance we got a few more details.  We would have to buy a drink and pay for our seats for 30 minutes.  If we stay longer than that, we’d have purchase another drink. For 30 minutes and a draft beer, that ran us 1000JPY each. Not too bad.

Then the show started.  There was no nudity or touching of any kind, just a ninja themed bar where the waitresses would interact with you.  They were all very friendly and outgoing.  You coulnd’t see their faces because they had masks on, only revealing their eyes. They taught us a few ninja themed words and showed us an actual sword and knife.

My friend picked up the knife to check if it was real, but in a drunken abrasive way as he was waving it around.  The waitress got scared and we stopped a possible accident.

At the end of our 30 minutes, we departed in search for another themed bar since this one ended up being a lot of fun.


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Ninja Girl Maid Cafe In Tokyo: A Bar And A Show

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