Round One Stadium Osaka: The Best Arcade In Japan And The Biggest

ROUND1 Arcade is the BEST in Japan

If you’re looking to have some fun things to do in Japan, Round 1 Stadium Osaka is a must visit. Round 1 Osaka is not just the best arcade in Osaka, it’s not just the best arcade in Japan, it’s the BEST arcade in the world. With 11 floors of activities, you won’t run out of things to do in Japan. Best of all, it’s open every day 24/7. Simply put, they don’t close.

If you don’t want to go to the best arcade in Japan, I can recommend the scariest arcade in Japan.

The Critical Difference Between ROUND1 Stadium (ラウンドワンスタジアム ) and ROUND1

ROUND One Japan is an arcade chain located throughout Japan and several other parts of the world. There are two types of Round 1 Arcade.ROUND 1 Stadium: Video Games and Sports Games

ROUND 1 Arcade (ラウンドワン)

This may vary depending on location. All Round 1 Japan arcades will have claw machines, video games, medallion games and karaoke. There may be a few more additional activities, but don’t count on it.

ROUND 1 Stadium (ラウンドワンスタジアム)

ROUND1 Stadium (ラウンドワンスタジアム) has everything a ROUND1 arcade has, but includes bowling, batting cages, (more) karaoke rooms, manga lounge, basketball courts, tennis courts, ping pong, boxing, bull riding, mini golf, darts and so much more! If you want play every type of game just once, you’ll be there for a few hours.

Visit Round 1 Stadium if you’re looking to visit the best arcade in the world. This review is of Round 1 Stadium Osaka and I’ve also been to Round 1 Stadium Okinawa. Round 1 Stadium has all the really fun sports based games and activities in addition to the video games. It’s easily the best arcade in Japan and I have yet to find a better place.

japanese arcade
5th floor amusement (slot machines and card games)

Prices: Round 1 Stadium Pricing

Pricing at a standard Round 1 arcade Japan is typically “per game”.  At ROUND1 Stadium Osaka (ラウンドワンスタジアム), you can book hourly. I booked the packaged rate of 2030JPY for 3 hours.

round 1 arcade pricing

For Round 1 Arcade Osaka (ラウンドワンスタジアム), your journey starts on the 3rd floor. You go up to the front desk and get a bracelet for the games are (spo-cha). There was a little of a language barrier, but from my understanding you tell them what package you want, they hand you a bracelet that tracks how long you’ve been there and if you want to charge anything to it and then you pay when you leave.

Floor Guide: Round 1 Arcade Osaka

1st Floor: Arcade Games and Claw Machines

You’ll see the most modern games along the Shinsaibashi shopping street luring you in to come check out the best arcade in Osaka. Here you’ll find a lot of claw machines with big prizes and games.


2nd Floor: Medallion and Pachinko games.

If you’ve ever been easily addicted to something or have had a gambling problem in the past, please avoid. You can’t actually win money at any of these games. It’s advertised as “for amusement only”. If you redeem 1000JPY in tokens, you can’t turn that back in to money at any point.

This floor has all Casino games but you can’t actually win money. You lose money as soon as you exchange money for medallions (tokens).

3rd Floor: Front Desk

Front Desk, Darts, Table Tennis (Ping Pong), Rodeo (mechanical bull), Billiards (Pool Tables) and Mini Bowling, Snack Bar and lockers.

Bowling shoes dispenser
Bowling shoes dispenser on the 3rd floor

This is the main floor where you can buy your passes at the front desk for the sports games, darts, (full size) bowling or karaoke. If you buy a pass for the sports games, you can start with any of the games on this floor such as table tennis, ride the mechanical bull (super difficult), billiards, and mini bowling.

round one bowling

4th Floor: Karaoke

All karaoke all the time! At this Round 1 Japan you can Karaoke until 6am! Sing your heart out! For late night activities, this is pretty common in Japan because the trains stop running around midnight to 5am daily.

karaoke rooms
Karaoke Rooms

5th Floor: Amusement

This is where things start getting crazy. Round 1 Stadium Osaka’s 5th floor has: Amusement, Karaoke, Table Tennis, Relaxation, Comics, Kids Spo-Cha.

Round One Japan
Floor Map


Since you’ve already paid to access this floor, all the video games are FREE. Since you already paid for admission, there’s no additional cost to play any of the video games. Everything is on FREE PLAY mode.

They also have some pachinko style slot machines to play.

japanese arcade
5th Floor Amusement (video games)

Manga Library

An extensive collection of comics and lounge chairs for you to relax and read. Of course, all the manga here is in Japanese. None of them are in English…I checked. I still enjoyed flipping through these since their comics.

Manga library
Manga library

Kids Spo-Cha

A kids play area with tunnels, slides and a ball pit

kids play area
kids play area


There’s an area with lounge chairs just to sit down and relax. You can pick up a manga or take a nap. There’s also an enclosed area with lounge chairs if you want quiet.

Manga lounge at Round 1 Stadium Osaka arcade
Reading Lounge with Kids Spo-Cha in the back

Table Tennis

Play against your friends but each session is limited to 30 minutes so other people have the opportunity to play.

6th Floor: Sports

If you’ve made it to the 6th floor at the best arcade in Osaka, time to have more fun: Putter Golf, Archery, 3on3 Basketball, Tennis, Smash Ping Pong, Kick Boxing, Kick Target, Badminton & Volley, Catch & Frisbee.

round one floor map

Mini Golf

Test your golf skills. They have a bunch of putters and golf balls at the 1st hole and it’s all self-serve.

round one mini golf

Just pick it up and drop it off when you’re done.

round one mini golf


Two lanes of archery fun. It’s a long lane with nets along the sides for you to practice archery. The nets help save space and make things safe for other guests.

This is the first place I’ve tried shooting a bow and arrow and learned that I’m not very good. It’s self-serve so just pick up a bow and shoot.

3-on-3 Basketball

Several basketball courts are available to run around and shoot. The area has nets around the court so you won’t accidentally hit anyone indoors. There’s also a basketball arcade game that you can play to warm your skills up.

Each game is limited to 10 minutes per person. One game per person.

Japanese basketball
Basketball court


Yes, tennis! There’s a tennis court inside this Round 1 arcade in Japan. Not many arcades in Osaka or elsewhere would have a tennis court.

japanese tennis

Smash Ping Pong

This was my favorite. It’s a 1-player game where a robot shoots ping pong balls at you and you can practice your table tennis smashes.

Kick Boxing

This was difficult but fun. There’s a large body sized punching bag dressed as another boxer. With numbered targets all over the body, you punch or kick the announced number on command. If you don’t know how to count in Japanese, you’ll learn at this game. Since the announced numbers are only in Japanese. There’s no additional cost to play this game.

Badminton & Volley

There’s a volleyball court that you can use for either volleyball or badminton.

Round One lockers

Catch & Frisbee

Much like the long lanes for archery, they had 2 lanes just for Frisbee. You’ll need at least one friend to play with…or it will be sad. Very sad.

7th Floor: More Sports

You’re not done yet! The best arcade in the world still has: Mini Bike, Throwing Hoops, Roller Skate, Darts, Gun Shooting, Golf Swing Checker, Soccer Shootout, Badminton & Volleyball.

This floor is pretty impressive. There is a schedule for the roller rink activities since it changes depending on time of day.

Bubble Soccer and Soccer

They have a small indoor soccer field that can be used for soccer or “bubble soccer”. They put you in a large bubble as you run around knocking down other opponents. I’m guessing that’s how you play.

round one football

Throwing Hoops

It’s a large arcade basketball game with 9 different hoops that you have to target. The hoops also move around making it challenging and a lot of fun.

round one basketball

Roller Skate Rink

In the roller rink, you can get some skates and skate around the rink. At other times of the day, they’ll have activities with mini-bike (mini motorcycles) and Segway’s for you to play with!

round one segways

Be sure to look at the schedule and sign up early if you want to lock-in a spot for the mini motorcycles of segways!

round one motorcycles


They have a digital darts game that you can play by yourself or with friends. It’s the same types of machines you’d expect to find at a bar.

round one darts

Gun Shooting

There’s only one but it’s a fun targeting game. The gun loads itself up with BB’s and you shoot targets at a distance. The game has a digital counter and will keep track of your score as you beat multiple levels.

Golf Swing Checker

Pick up a golf swing and digitally golf at this indoor driving range. Unfortunately when I was there, they didn’t have any left-handed golf clubs so I was unable to play. If you’re a righty, have fun.

round one golf

Soccer Shootout

This is a 1-player game with 9 targets. A soccer ball is lightly rolled towards you as you try to kick out each of the 9 targets. Lots of fun but challenging for the soccer-challenged.

japanese soccer game

Badminton & Volley

There’s an area for you to play badminton or volleyball with your friends.

11th Floor: Batting Cages

Batting Cafes (Rooftop)

At the rooftop level of Round One Stadium Osaka, is the batting cages. There’s nets around the rooftop so you don’t actually lose any baseballs or injure someone. The batting cages are split up in to different lanes in order of pitching speed. They also have a section for softballs.

Japanese batting cages
Batting Cages

Outside, you’re at the mercy of outdoor weather, but the batting area is covered so you don’t get wet if it’s raining. Along the indoor area of the batting cages, it’s air conditioned! Take a break between swings here.

Japanese batting cages
Batting Cages

Vending Machines, Restrooms and Smoking Rooms At Round 1 Arcade Osaka

At Round One Stadium Osaka, there are restroom and vending machines on every floor. Each of the restrooms are small but very clean. The vending machines only sell drinks. For any food you’ll have to go back to the 3rd floor snack bar.

Some floors have enclosed smoking rooms. They also include a cigarette vending machine for your smoking convenience.

Japanese batting cages
Batting Cages

Bonus Gift: Round 1 Arcade Japan

If you purchased a pass to play the Round 1 Arcade Osaka games, upon checkout you’ll receive 2 vouchers.

The first voucher will be for 1 free game of ANY claw machine on the first floor. Each of the claw machines have different costs so you can pick the most expensive one! To redeem this, just present the voucher to any of the workers on the first floor and they’ll set you up on the machine of your choice.

The second voucher is for the medal games on the 2nd floor. To redeem this, just go to one of the cashiers on the 2nd floor and present them your voucher. They’ll give you some medals (casino tokens) to play any of the games.

The medallion voucher is actually the worst one because you can’t actually win anything. It just triggers a gambling problem. I instantly lost all my tokens on the casino games and wanted to buy more. Please avoid the medallion games because remember, it’s only for amusement. You can’t win anything and they don’t let you leave with the tokens. If you have a lot of tokens, you can save them to a player card so you can redeem them to play more the next time you visit.

Round 1 Japan is Perfect For All Ages

Then the 5th floor of Round one Osaka is the best place for you and your kids. They have a children’s playground, ball pit and lounge chairs for the parents to relax. The best arcade in Osaka was designed for everybody!

Hungry? Check Out Round 1 Stadium Osaka’s Snack Bar

Round One Stadium Osaka has their own snack bar on the 3rd floor. They have all the quick eats from burgers, hot dogs, fries, ice cream, sodas and alcoholic beverages.

Age Restrictions

If you’re under 16 years of age, you can’t enter after 7pm. With a legal guardian present, you’ll be allowed to enter until 10pm

If you’re 16 or 17 years old, no entry after 10pm.

For everyone else, have a great time! These regulation apply to all Round 1 Japan Arcades.

japanese arcade

Reservations For Round 1 Japan

You can make advance reservations for Karaoke, Bowling or for the Spo-Cha (sports) activities. It’s not required, but it’s recommended if you have a large group or will be visiting during a busy time.          

Reservations online aren’t possible, so you’ll have to call the numbers listed on the website. This is the link to the ROUND1 STADIUM Sennichimae (Spo-Cha) and I’m pretty sure the reservations agent is going to expect you to speak in Japanese.

Location: ROUND1 Stadium in Osaka

Address: Japan, 〒542-0076 大阪府大阪市中央区 1丁目3番1号

Hours: Open 24 hours 

Phone: +81 6-4708-2600

round 1 japan arcade biggest on earth


Round One Stadium Osaka is definitely the best arcade in Japan. I searched all over. As for size, I also think it’s the biggest arcade in the world when it comes to the variety and size of the facility. I haven’t run into anything bigger or better so right now it’s the best arcade in the world for me.

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Do you know where the best arcade in the world is? If you know of a better arcade let me know and I’ll find a way to get there!

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