Round One Stadium Osaka: The Best Arcade In Japan And The Biggest

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ROUND1 Arcade is the BEST in Japan If you’re looking to have some fun things to do in Japan, Round 1 Stadium Osaka is a must visit. Round 1 Osaka is not just the best arcade in Osaka, it’s not just the best arcade in Japan, it’s the BEST arcade in the world. With 11 […]


Battleship Island Tour: The Abandoned City of Hashima

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If you haven’t heard of Japan’s Battleship Island, you’ve probably seen it. Battleship Island (AKA Hashima Island Japan / Gunkanjima) was featured as the James Bond island in the film Skyfall. In this post I’ll cover: Battleship Island’s Aliases The Hashima Island coal mine Abandoned Island Japan: Why Everyone Left James Bond Island (where was […]