Top 10 Things To Do In Osaka Japan

I’ve visited Osaka a dozen times and will probably visit a dozen more. My top 10 list of things to do while in Osaka.

10 Best Things To Do In Osaka, Japan

#1 Visit Universal Studios Japanone piece cosplay

Osaka Japan Visiting a Japanese amusement park is a very unique experience.  It’s very crowded, yet organized. As a fan of the series One Piece, I’ve made it to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) several times for their special summer events that involve anime and manga.  The most unique thing about Japanese theme parks is that the park guests dress up in amazing cosplay.  Just walking around you’ll see high quality costumes that could be in the movies.

#2 Feed Deer at Nara Deer Park

If you take the train to Nara from Osaka, you’ll be meeting friendly (and unfriendly) deer at Nara deer park.  You can feed and pet them, but sometimes they bite or headbutt you.  While feeding them I was bit, but it was still a fun experience

#3 Play All The Games at Round1 Stadiumround1 okinawa bus

Round1 Stadium is a massive building of 8+ floors of amusement. There’s a long list of activities, but here’s a few: bowling, karaoke, tennis, video games, batting cages, basketball, archery, pachinko.

#4 All-You-Can-Drink Magic Bar

Just hearing that is enough for me to want to go somewhere.  For 3800JPY you get 2-hours of unlimited drinks, 1-hour of a live stage magic show and 1-hour of close-up magic at your table!

#5 Go To A Horror Themed Bar: The Lockupthe lockup izakaya

If you like drinking and being terrified, this is the place for you.

#6 Visit an Owl Cafeowl

You can hold and pet owls (at your own risk).

#7 Karaoke Your Heart Out While Dressed As A Samurai

Visit Ninja Karaoke and you’ll get to throw ninja stars, play with real weapons and dress up in samurai armor all while being inebriated.

#8 Play Console Video Games At Barsarcade bar

There are two I happened to visit. Space Station Arcade was very English friendly and didn’t have a 30-minute drink requirementGame Bar Continue was very Japanese and did have a requirement to order a drink every 30 minutes or pay a fee. I liked Game Bar Continue more because you had a dedicated space to play games.  You’d bring the games to your table.  At Space Station you’d have to move seats to wherever the console is set up.  Space Station was much better for conversation with other people.

#9 Eat A Lot Of Sushikura sushi

My favorite 100JPY conveyor build sushi place is Kura in Osaka. Don’t let the price fool you, the quality is there.  You’ll also notice it by the hour+ wait just to sit down.  Many locals eat here too since you get quality and a good deal.

#10 Take A Day Trip To KyotoKyoto Streets

Kyoto is pretty small and can be experienced in a day. From Osaka, Kyoto is less than an hour away. Plan your trip in advance! There will be a lot of tourists at peak hours when the tour groups bring them to the major sites.  I’d recommend visiting any of the main attractions early in the morning or just before they close.

Non-Honorable Mentionmario go kart

They have a Mario Kart tour in Osaka, it’s fun for the first 15 minutes but then it’s really just driving around the city. I wouldn’t qualify it as a tour, but more of a costumed photoshoot.

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