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Travel must have items for your next vacation

First off, these are all items I have or use some variation of during travel. I learned a few tricks to use these travel tech items to survive many destinations.

Are umbrellas allowed on airplanes? Yes, but I’ll explain why you don’t need to bring one below!

Travel Tech For Hot Climates

If you’re headed for a hot destination this summer, you’ll need to stay cool. These are the travel must have items to survive:

  • Dry fit shirts: In hot destinations, you’ll sweat a lot. Bring a shirt that dries quickly and doesn’t get smelly. I bought a bunch of these at Han Market in Vietnam for $3 USD but you’ll have to travel far to get that deal.
  • Hiking pants: It doesn’t matter if you’re not hiking, because hiking pants are super awesome in hot destinations! Hiking pants are very lightweight, waterproof and breathable. They are loose to the point that it feels like wearing shorts. I don’t recommend shorts because you’re legs can easily be bit by mosquitoes.
  • Mosquito repellent bracelets: I like wearing t-shirts to stay cool. Long sleeve shirts are too stuffy. But when I wear shirts without mosquito repellent, my arms and hands get bit. Mosquito repellent bracelets work, but you need to spray them with mosquito repellent for that extra boost each day! You should also wear one on each wrist.
  • Personal Face Fan: Alright, it looks silly but it works! I bought one and I love it! It’s hot and humid in Taiwan but I stay cool every day with this fan as I’m walking around town. It has a rechargeable battery via micro-USB so you don’t have to worry about changing out batteries.
  • Microfiber Towel: Dry your sweat off with this towel because it dries super quick! A lot of countries don’t provide a way for you to dry your hands in public restrooms so you’ll need to bring a small towel around.

Travel Accesories for Foodies

I found flavors to be a little more bland in Europe and South America. Most of my experience was that meals were basically meat, bread, or potatoes with salt. I know I’m being very general and you can definitely get good food in those continents, but you’ll probably run into more bad food as a tourist if you don’t know where to go.

If you like a punch of flavor, then sriracha sauce is a travel must have item!

  • Sriracha Sauce: Get that extra kick of spice and flavor! I love this stuff and eat it with plain eggs or french fries.
  • Sriracha Portable Container: Take your sriracha to go! Just attach it to your bag so you can improve your meals on the airplane and at any disappointing tourist trap you may run into!

Travel Must Have Items To Survive Flying

For flying, I believe in packing light with just the essentials. I almost always travel as carry-on only because it saves a lot of time and makes it easier to move around a city with a light bag. Just pack based on comfort and you can always get your laundry done in other countries so you don’t have to pack too much!

Do you travel with a large bag? Remember that feeling before packing for your next trip and try going carry-on only!

  • Phone Holder Passport Wallet: Relax on the plane by emptying your pockets and placing them in this passport wallet. You can attach your phone along the outside so you can watch movies on your mobile device!
  • Link Hat With Secret Pockets: I normally don’t wear hats, but this is great for several reasons. First, it has secret pockets so you can hide a spare credit card when walking around. Second, it protects your head from the headrest of the plane. I’m kind of weird about germs and I know that they don’t really clean the headrests. Planes have a white sheet on the seat, but that’s to protect the seat from the oils in your hair otherwise the seat will be worn out quickly
  • Microfiber Towel: Most flights don’t provide blankets, but they will make sure the cabin is cold and then try to sell you a blanket! Packing a blanket is a waste of space, but I found microfiber towels to be a great substitute blanket! It’s kept me warm and comfortable on many flights and has been useful as travel towel.
  • Slim Powerbank: Keep your electronics powered with this slim power bank! You can find cheaper ones, but they won’t be as slim and as powerful at 20,000 mAH (it will last longer).
  • 20-inch Carry-on Luggage: Most planes are compatible with carry on luggage between 20-24 inches. The safest bet is to stay on the low side with a 20-inch carry on. Pack smarter and bring less!
  • Compression Socks: You should absolutely take off your shoes once you get on the plane. The only problem though is that my feet get swollen when flying. It was only an issue when I wanted to put my shoes back on to go use the restroom. I found out that’s a common problem with a lot of people and you can prevent the swelling by getting compression socks.
  • Face Mask: This is the most critical. The air is recycled on planes but that doesn’t mean it’s filtered. There’s people coughing and not everyone is healthy. So if you want to get to your destination with a high chance of remaining healthy, wear a face mask!
  • Amenity Kit: It’s easy to just buy an existing amenity kit from eBay if you don’t already have one. You can get a pretty nice one from first class flights for around $20 USD. A good Amenity kits typically include: Toothbrush, tiny toothpaste, comb, lotion, eye mask, ear plugs, compression socks and a shoe horn.

Travel Tech For Water

If you’re planning a beach or water related vacation, you’ll need to keep your belonging dry:

  • Waterproof Dry Bag: It’s great for swimming, hiking, staying visible, rainy destinations, camping and it’s tear-proof!
  • Waterproof Phone Bag: Going to be taking your phone to the beach? Keep it dry!
  • Microfiber Towel: Dry off with this towel because it dries super quick!

Travel Accessories For Any Destination

These are the travel accessories that you’ll need in any situation and at any destination! I’ll exclude the items I’ve listed above:

  • Universal Power Adapter: Absolutely necessary when traveling abroad. I don’t even check the power situation in other countries because I know my universal adapter has my covered.
  • USB Hub: I normally have a lot of electronics with me (phone, camera, Bluetooth headphones, smart watch, tablet) and they all need to be charged. Since I bring one universal power adapter, I can’t charge them all at once unless I have a USB hub.
  • Mini Portable Tripod: I like taking steady video shots and some long exposure shots. Since I don’t have steady hands, I am willing to pack a super compact tripod for trips. This one also includes a selfie switch.

Are Umbrellas Allowed on Airplanes?

Yes, umbrellas are allow on airplanes and won’t count against your carry-on item allowance. You can take an umbrella on a plane, but you shouldn’t! It’s excessive and you don’t really need to bring an umbrella with you on vacation for most situations.

Just about every hotel, budget hotel, capsule hotel and hostel I’ve stayed at had umbrellas available for guests to borrow free of charge! You just have to ask!

The only place that typically won’t have an umbrella ready to borrow is at Airbnb rental homes. Most Airbnb hosts want you to rent their place, so it’s not unreasonable to ask if they could provide an umbrella in advance to borrow.

So instead of asking are umbrellas allowed on airplanes, ask yourself if you should really bring one. You can always confirm with the place your staying at in advance if umbrellas are available.

Charles Schwab Checking Account: No ATM Fees Anywhere In The World

No one really talks about this, but Charles Schwab has the best free checking account in the United States! There’s no ATM fees for withdrawing money anywhere in the world.

I also have Chase, and at a minimum it’s a 8% tax to withdraw $100 USD outside the U.S. That’s because there’s a $5 USD non-Chase ATM fee and a 3% foreign currency fee! Fees like this are typical even when exchanging money in other countries which makes Schwab the best possible deal for international money.

When I’m traveling, I only pull out small amount of money that I may need ($50-$100 USD). It’s dangerous to hold a large amount of money with you when traveling.

Even if you don’t have Schwab, you can get your bank fees refunded to you as a one-time courtesy if you ask!


Yeah, it’s a pretty long list of items. Along with my electronics, that’s half my bag. The other half is clothes. That’s just when I pack a large backpack for a trip. You’ll need a bigger bag if you go somewhere cold because warmer clothes take up more space.

At the very least you should have your basic amenity kit of: Toothbrush, small toothpaste, ear plugs, eye mask, face mask, power converter, USB hub and charging cables. No other blogs mention it, but you can buy new flight amenity kits from first/business class flights from major airline carriers on eBay for around $20 USD. The amenity kits I have were earned for free from using frequent flyer miles for first/business class flights.

I typically just wear 1 pair of sneakers for an entire trip, 1 pair of shorts, 1 hiking pants, 5 sets of socks/underwear, and 5 shirts. That’s good for 4 days then I find a place to do laundry.

Umbrellas are big and inconvenient to carry on while traveling. Are umbrellas allowed on airplanes? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you need to bring one.

What do you think of this list? Is there anything else you would recommend? Is there anything that you use and love? How do you pack?

Disclosure: I get a small commission through if you make a purchase through the provided links.

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