How to get frequent flyer miles

Accruing Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flyer miles can be accrued by the following methods:

  • Flying with a purchased airline ticket: This is the most common and “practical” way people do it.  You can typically claim miles for a flight 6-12 months after taking that flight.  Always remember to add your frequent flyer mile at the time of booking so you can have those miles immediately.
  • Purchasing miles: You can purchase frequent flyer miles at a typical cost of $0.03 cents per mile with most airline programs. This tends to be much more expensive than paying for an airline ticket.
  • Using an airline shopping portal: If you do a lot of online shopping (outside of Amazon.com), you can use an airline shopping portal to purchase your goods while accruing miles at the same time.  There are shopping portals for most of the major airlines. American Airlines shopping site example: https://www.aadvantageeshopping.com/
  • Eating at very specific restaurants: Most major airlines also have dining bonuses at restaurants.  Here’s an example of United’s dining program: https://dining.mileageplus.com/

    • You could literally eat your way towards a free flight
  • Credit Card Sign up Bonuses: All that other stuff I mentioned above, that’s the slow path.  The fastest way to get a lot of miles is to sign up for a good credit card bonus.  The bonuses constantly change and referral bonuses are a big thing, so if you can please use the referrals on these sites: