Life Moments: The Conspiracy of Super Mario Odyssey

As a millennial adult, I don’t play many video games anymore. After playing Super Mario Odyssey for a few hours, I realized that Mario might be the villain in the game.

Getting Back Into Video Games

I bought a Nintendo Switch because I missed playing video games.  The most recent system I had before that was the Nintendo DSi.  I purchased the switch because after seeing all the reviews for Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, I had to play it.  That was hands down, the best video game I’ve ever played.  The world was so in-depth and the story was captivating.  That game revived my love for video games from Nintendo which is why I decided to give Super Mario Odyssey a try.

-There will be a few spoilers, but the perspective is based on what you see at the beginning of the video game.

The Story of Super Mario Odyssey

As a kid, I normally jumped right into the video game without thinking too much about the storyline.  That changed a lot with Final Fantasy VII.  That spoiled me for getting an engaging storyline that kept me playing hour on end.  Now with Super Mario Odyssey, it starts with Bowser taking Peach (classic).  Bowser then tells Mario that he’s going to marry peach and there’s nothing Mario can do about it.  Mario’s hat falls to the ground and Bowser stomps on it, leaving it destroyed.  Bowser then takes Peach away as she yells for help.

Mario, now on the floor; beaten, alone and hatless.  The spirit of a hat witnesses all these events and decided to help Mario.

HANG ON MARIO, Are You Really The Hero?

I was completely on board with this story until this point.  This is a stretch that I found ridiculous an unimaginative. Nintendo is using the hat spirit as a tool to progress the story with Mario’s new hat fighting abilities. I would have continued to be on board if they just said a mad scientist powered up Mario’s hat and will help rescue Peach.

As the game continued, Mario ended up on a planet known for making the best wedding dresses in the Universe.  Bowser was just there to get the best wedding dress created for Peach.  I was done speculating and now had the full story.

Mario The Unreliable

So then I started thinking, Mario is an unreliable narrator.  Many novels and movies have this where we see their experiences but it doesn’t line up with the real world.  I know it’s just a game and all, but hear me out.  I’m really hoping Nintendo uses this plot line to grow the minds and critical thinking skills.

Mario The Delusional

The Backstory: Mario was dating Peach and things weren’t working out too well. Bowser steps into the picture and starts getting along really well Peach.  So well that they decide to leave the planet their on to get married…and most importantly to get away from Mario the crazy ex-boyfriend.

There are many clues throughout the game that lead us to this hypothesis.  Mario has no friends.  Most good people I know, have a lot of friends.

Bowser The Hero

Bowser has a lot of friends trying to help him keep Mario away.  Those friends are willing to die for Bowser!  It’s very rare to have a job where you’re willing to die for your boss, but most people would do their best to help a good friend.

Seriously though, what kind of villain “kidnaps” a woman saying he’s going to go marry her? And then, what kind of villain goes out of his way to make sure his bride has the BEST wedding dress in the universe.

Historically, Bowser does very well.  He has castles and kingdoms.  You don’t see many people trying to fight Bowser because it’s possible that he’s a very good ruler.  Just because he’s big and looks different, doesn’t mean he can’t be the hero.

Peach…Still The Victim and Not The Hero

There weren’t many scenes with Peach.  It would have been nice to see some flashbacks with Mario to prove that they had a nice relationship. An even better message would have been to show some women empowerment.  Maybe Peach was in a bad relationship and she decided to end things and take control of her life.

It’s possible Peach doesn’t even know Mario and that he’s a crazy stalker.  Logically, it makes sense the Princess Peach would marry Bowser since their both high level political figures.  The marriage could mean more prosperity between the kingdoms as both economies begin to grow.

Mario the Villain

Not one time have I seen Bowser walk into a new neighborhood, kill some people just walking around, and then take their coins.  Mario on the other hand, does this every chance he gets.

I’m going to stop writing here and hope you more people think about this too after reading. I’m starting to feel crazy that I uncovered a huge conspiracy about Mario.