Malta Food Photo Tour With Prices

Malta is very close to Italy which is why you’ll see a lot of Italian restaurant in Malta. Luckily for me, I love Italian food and especially risotto.

Malta Food Prices

This is just a collection of pictures I took of my food and receipts. Just a heads up, I ate a lot of risotto. The food portions are also HUGE in Malta so I purchased 2 meals per day on average. If you’re planning to go to Malta, this will show you what you’re looking to spend if you go to restaurants.

Salmon wrap and fries €8
Ice blended alcoholic beverage €4
2 scoops of gelato = €3
Giant bowl of pasta €11
Cafe Latte €2
Eggs Benedict €7
beer = €3.25
water = €3.25
€11.75 for an amazing dish of wild mushroom risotto
Malta Food Prices
€6 for chicken yakitori
Malta Food Prices
€9 for these big pieces of sushi
€6.99 for this awful fried pasta. I thought it was going to be like okonomiyaki, it was not.
Delicious Sandwich €5
Chocolate Iced Coffee from Haagen Daaz €5.50 (the most expensive beverage I purchased in Malta)
Shandy €1.80
€13.50 for chicken curry risotto. It was soooo gooood. I wanted to get it again.
more gelato €3
€3 Malta Food Prices
€11 seafood pasta
€1.80 cafe latte | Malta Food Prices
€15 seafood risotto. I ate only 1/3 of it before giving up. Portion size was out of control
sandwich €4.75
cafe latte €1.95
€2.50 draft beer | Malta Food Prices
€9.90 Salmon Asparagus risotto