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Memoirs From Marugame: Calling In Sick – Day 5

Sometimes you call in sick from work because you’re sick. Sometimes you call in sick because you arrived at work and realized you forgot your uniform.  They get mad at people who forget their work uniform and empathize with those who are sick, so the logical answer is to call in sick.

Calling In Sick From work

I’m scheduled to work both jobs today but have to stop by Disney before going to Marugame Udon then back to Disney.

I arrived at Disney in the morning to drop off my work computer.  There was no way I was going to risk leaving my work computer in my car or at Marugame Udon for the half the day.

I then take an incredibly pleasant 25-minute drive to Marugame Udon.  It was awesome because there was no traffic.  Typically it would be an hour.  I find pretty good parking too.

After parking, I get out of my car and go to the trunk of my car to get my work uniform.  It’s not there.  Dang it! I left it at home.  On the way to Marugame Udon, I saw a lot of traffic headed back towards my place because of a car accident.  There was no way I could go home and pick up the uniform.  The manager kind of gave me some crap about forgetting my tempura gloves so it wasn’t going to look good that I forgot something so critical.  I made the decision just to call in sick and go home.

By call in sick, I mean text the manager that I’m sick…an amazing advancement in technology. Years ago, I used to get anxiety having to call in sick to work. You’d have to sound weak and congested…you know, believable.  Getting to just send a text can be done without any hesitation.

I really did feel bad about calling in sick.  It’s the type of job that if you call in sick, everyone else has to work harder.  I don’t like having to put people through that situation so I’ll try avoid these mistakes in the future.