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Memoirs From Marugame: Talking To Strangers – Day 4

On Day 4, I have to talk to strangers. Very weird to be on the other side of a food transaction.

Talking To Strangers “Would you like a rice bowl?”

Early Is Good, But it Isn’t

I got to work 10 minutes early today! Because I got called out for being late I wanted to make sure I was on time.  The bummer about showing up early is that you can’t start working until your shift is supposed to start.  The bummer about showing up late is that you’ve burdened your coworkers with your tardiness. I’ve forgotten how nice it is to show up to work and start whenever you get there. That corporate life has a lot of perks that we easily take for granted.

Making Rice Bowls

Today I’m training at the Rice Bowl station!  I was happy about this since I got to work around food, didn’t have to get burned by tempura oil and I wasn’t washing dishes.

The rice bowl station is a sushi bowl assembly.  You’d start off with a small bowl of rice, add tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, tamago, ikura, mushrooms, etc, depending on the type of bowl ordered.

There were definitely cooking elements to it and I learned a few things.  I got to cut up raw salmon into cubes for the rice bowls.  Then, I was also prepping the mushroom by cutting those up into thin strips.  We were running low on guacamole so I was shown how to make guacamole!  It’s finely chopped onions (I got to do the chopping), avocados, salt, sugar and lime juice.  Then you just keep whip it up!

The rice bowl station has a lot of interaction with restaurant guests.  I have to greet them and ask them what they want.  Sometimes they had special orders so I had to accommodate the request.  It took some time to learn what ingredients to add without looking at the cheat sheet.  But I ended up looking at the cheat sheet of ingredients a lot.

More Dishes

After 2 hours working at the rice bowl station, the dishwashing area needed more help so I had to switch to dishwasher.  Damn it.  It was actually more work than yesterday.  I had to dry the dishes, take out the trash, restock everything and this time wash the dishes. This was a tough day.

I left really tired and then spent the next 90 minutes in pre-Thanksgiving traffic driving to my Disney job.

Day 4 Complete.