Using Uber in Chiang Mai, Thailand


In Chiang Mai, Thailand, Uber rides cost between $1-2.  That was amazing.  The ride to the airport was a flat rate of 150THB (about $4.25USD).  It’s very difficult to walk on the street there because the sidewalks are small and run down.  Crossing the street is an adventure too.  There’s a lot of traffic.

With the official airport taxi at Chiang Mai, all rides into the city were a flat rate of 160THB.  It’s 150THB flat rate with Uber.

Uber chiang mai rates

After I purchased a Thai SIM card I was given a Thai phone number.  With that Thai phone number I created a new Uber account and used a referral code from my main account.  The Thai Uber sign up gave me 2 free rides on my new account and a $20 credit on my U.S. account.  That’s a big win for purchasing a $3.80 SIM card!

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