ana boeing 737 economy

ANA Economy Flight: Okinawa to Nagasaki for 5k United Miles

After booking my flight from [Okinawa to Nagasaki using frequent flyer miles], I was ready to take my 90-minute direct flight. If you’re leaving Okinawa, get to the airport early! The airport is small and doesn’t have many gates so the lines are long and slow.

Okinawa Airport (OKA Airport)

Checking in was a breeze. I showed up an hour before my flight and everyone else had already checked in. I wasn’t as punctual as the Japanese people but that clearly worked out in my favor.

ana check in counter

Next, was the security line.  The airport isn’t very big so the security lines get very backed up. oka security line

Once I got passed the 30-minute security line, I then had to get to the gate.  The airport is pretty small so walking to the gate didn’t take that long.  Unfortunately, it was one of those situations where a bus would pick you up and take you to the plane on the tarmac.

oka airport gate

It’s really hard to make a flight if you have one of these gates.  Since you’d have to take a bus to the plane, it’s not as easy to show up at the very last minute.  I patiently waited and didn’t push my luck.

ANA Economy Boeing 737

I didn’t check-in online and just showed up to the airport ready to fly and got super lucky getting the 2nd row in economy with the seats next to me empty!  I had my 20-inch carry on with me and it fit perfectly into the overhead compartment.  My backpack was seated on the floor in the seat next to me since I could afford the space.

ana boeing 737 economy ana boeing 737 economy ana boeing 737 economy

Overall, the flight to Nagasaki was quick and comfortable.