Fiji Airways Premiere Lounge Review At Nadi Airport

The Fiji Airways Premier lounge at Nadi Airport (NAD) is surprisingly nice, considering that it’s accessible with Priority Pass. It’s not the best airport lounge I’ve ever been to, but it is the best Priority Pass lounge I’ve been to. They have a spa, comfy seating, decent food, bartenders, server and more!

Getting to the Fiji Airways Premiere Lounge at Nadi Airport

Once you get to the departure gates at Nadi airport, look for the escalator/stairs that take you down to B1. Once you get off the stairs, take a 180 degree and believe in yourself. Just a general note, to always remember.

Fiji Air Lounge Nadi Airport

You should see the entrance with a big BULA! That translates to a friendly “Hello” in Fijian.

Getting In The Fiji Air Lounge at Nadi Airport

You can access the Fiji Airways Premier lounge at Nadi Airport if you are:

  • Flying in First/Business Class with OneWorld Alliance (American Airlines, JAL, Finnair)
  • Business Class with Fiji Airways, Air India, Aircalin, Air New Zealand, Air India, Air Vanuatau, Air Niugini, Solomon Airlines
  • Priority Pass
  • Dragon Pass (kind of like Priority Pass)
  • Full list here
Fiji Air Business Lounge Seating

Time Limit: None

There is no time limit for the Fiji Airways Premier lounge. The Fiji Airways Lounge is open from 5am – 11pm, but you can stay as long as their open. This is great because the connection times for flights in Fiji can be a long time. One of my layovers was 6 hours and I spent that entirely at the Nadi Fiji AIr lounge. I also cut my 2-day stopover early because there was a cyclone so weather was very bad, resulting in my showing up to the airport 9-hours early.

Fiji Airways Lounge

Can you sleep in the Fiji Airways lounge at Nadi Airport?

Yes! But only during business hours from 5am-11pm. They have plenty of seating and a few long couches/lounge chairs. I grabbed myself an extended couch along the walls (padded shelf?) and took a nap. Unfortunately, the light was at full blast the whole time but I happened to have an eye mask from my Fiji Airways Business Class Amenity Kit.

Alternatively, if you’re stuck without lounge access, you can sleep in Nadi Fiji Airport. There are plenty of public benches available

Fiji Air Business Lounge Seating

WiFi At The Fiji Airport Lounge

The WiFi around the island is pretty slow, like 0.128Mbps. My Google Fi connection to the local phone networks clocked in at 1Mbps. The Wifi in the Fiji Air lounge at Nadi airport was at 2Mbps. That’s not fast, but it’s fast enough to stream some movies.

Be sure to download any movies, audiobooks or podcasts before arriving in Fiji. It will be a pain to download anything once you arrive in Fiji.

Nadi Airport: Fiji Airways Premiere Lounge WiFi

Electrical Outlets

The electrical outlets aren’t universal at the Fiji Airways lounge, but I didn’t need compatible outlets, I needed a USB port. Luckily, every outlet at the Fiji lounge at Nadi airport also had USB ports! There were USB ports all over the place. If you needed to charge multiple devices, there was a wall of just outlets at the entrance for your convenience.

Nadi Airport: Fiji Airways Premiere Lounge Entrance


The seating at the Fiji Airways business class lounge was AMPLE. By that, I mean they had a lot of different types of seats. My personal favorite were the isolated shelf style couches. I took off my shoes, put on the eye mask and grabbed some Z’s.

Fiji Air Business Lounge Seating


I always have pretty low expectations for lounge food, unless I’m in a foodie country. My personal favorite lounge food was at the Singapore Airlines lounge in Changi and the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong. The food at Fiji Airways wasn’t as good as those lounges, but it was pretty good. There are a few fast food options at the departures terminal and the food in the Fiji Air Business lounge looked like the best option.

I was surprised that a substantial amount of the lounge was dedicated to a dining area, bar, and food.

Fiji Airways Lounge Food

I was even MORE surprised to find that they had bartenders. Initially, I assumed they were just restocking the fridges so I helped myself back there to grab a drink from the fridge.

Okay hang on, a majority of lounges do not have bartenders and baristas so it’s easy to make that mistake. The Fiji Air business lounge bar did not have any barriers and had big clean walkways. If you looked at this, you probably would have assumed it’s a self service bar, but it’s not!

If you want any drink be it alcohol, coffee, or soda, you’d have to go through the bartender. Juice and water are available in another self serve area.

Fiji Airways Lounge Food


Inside the Fiji Airways Premier lounge, they have their own restrooms. For the men’s room, it was about 3 stalls, 3 urinals and 3 sinks. Additionally, you can access the 1 men’s shower through the restroom.

Nadi Airport: Fiji Airways Premiere Lounge Entrance


On 2 separate visits, I used the shower at the Fiji Airways Premier lounge…with two very different experiences. There isn’t a clear instruction on how to reserve the shower at the Fiji Air lounge, so you’ll just have to ask someone walking around. They SHOULD be able to point you in the right directions.

Using the shower at the Fiji Air lounge was great on my first visit because the staff was very nice and helpful. I asked one of the servers about reserving the shower and they politely told me that they would send someone to help me. They had the shower cleaned and provided me with a fresh towel. When I got to the shower, it was freshly cleaned and spotless.

Fiji Air Lounge Shower Room

On my 2nd visit, it was harder to track down someone to help me get a towel and they told me that the shower was available for use. When I got in, the shower wasn’t cleaned and there were used towels all over the place.

Your experience may vary.

Fiji Air Lounge Shower Room


I was surprised to see that the Fiji Airways lounge actually has servers waiting on people at their table. That means every so often, they’ll come by to offer to get you a drink. This is the first time I’ve seen that in a lounge that you can access with Priority Pass, making this possibly one of the best Priority Pass lounges in the world.

Fiji Airways Lounge Spa


Inside the Nadi Fiji Air lounge, they also have a spa! The prices are pretty reasonable and they have massages, pedicures, facials and more. I’m super cheap and only partake in mostly free activities.

Fiji Airways Lounge Spa Prices

Overall Thoughts on The Fiji Air Business Lounge in Nadi Airport

As a Priority Pass lounge, it’s probably the best. Getting table service at any lounge is very rare. The comfortable seating makes it really nice, decent food and a big private shower hit a lot of points for a good lounge.

If you happen to have a long layover in Fiji, you can get out of the airport if you like. Taxis don’t run on meters but you can ask them how much it is to a certain destination. Everyone speaks English in Fiji so it was easy to communicate.

Fiji Airways Lounge Food