Katoomba, Australia: The Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves sucked.  We booked in person at a tour place by the hotel and the lady gave us the student discount.  We told her we weren’t students but she was just nice about hooking us up.  Which is great because I thought the caves sucked.

We booked a 2-cave tour.  The tour bus arrived and left at the same time meaning that if you took only 1 cave tour, you’d still have to wait for the afternoon tour to be completed before returning.

Tour: crowded / slow / unimpressive / too developed

I would have preferred to just hike around the cave without a guide.  There should be an adventurer tour like that but they want to preserve it from jackass tourists touching everything and trying to break off a souvenir.

The lady said it wouldn’t be that cold and not to take a sweater.  It was freaking cold and you needed a sweater.  That lady was a prankster.  She’s not as nice as I had first thought she was.


The Jenolan Caves bus driver was a badass.  There was very limited space on the mountain and he drove fast and close.  That made the ride very exciting.

There is very little price gouging in Australia.  I found the prices for food and drinks very fair at hotels, tourist destinations and at the airport.  The prices for smoking and alcohol are very high, but that’s still comparable with purchasing them at a supermarket.  It seems that the taxes on things that are bad for people are high.  This makes sense to me.  If you’re not rich, you’re probably not getting blackout drunk.  It’s easier to live in moderation when you can’t afford to indulge as much.    

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