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Memoirs From Marugame: Day 10 and My 2 Weeks Notice

Not much to report on Day 10. I don’t find the job very difficult and now find it boring.  I think I’d be comfortable quitting knowing that it’s just because I’m bored and not because the job is too painful. By comparison to my office job, it’s incredibly tough.  I have now adapted to the difficulty and don’t mind standing on my feet for hours washing dishes and bussing tables. My sole reason for getting the job was because I wanted to cook and that’s not happening.

Bussing Tables And Making That Paper

Today I was the busser and cashier.  Mostly the busser.  Today’s busser duties included wiping down the tables, sweeping up, restocking utensils and restocking the bathroom.  It was weird having to check the bathrooms. I draw the line at cleaning up bathrooms.  My responsibility was just to make sure everything was still stocked in the bathrooms.  I was very uncomfortable having to check the women’s restroom.  It’s a multi-stall bathroom so I had to knock to make sure there wasn’t any women in there before going in.  Luckily, no one was inside and everything was stocked.  In the clear! Very poor training because I have no idea how to stock a bathroom.

I did a lot of sweeping and cleaning tables.  During Day 6 (the first work day that I bussed), it felt embarrassing having to clean tables and sweep the floors.  Today, I didn’t give a damn. I was very comfortable.  When I start not caring, that’s when I’ve become bored.  This happens very easily.

It was my fourth time eating a meal at the restaurant.  I had a curry udon and added tempura flakes.  It was pretty good.  The curry and udon go pretty well together and the crunch you get from the tempura flakes added in another layer of tastiness.  But, I’m a curry fiend so my judgement may be biased here.

marugame curry udon

As I ate my curry udon, one of the cooks there was sitting at the table on the phone. She was a mother in her mid-40’s talking on the phone about how she won’t kill her son because she doesn’t want to go to jail.  This was a very personal call she was having at the table as 3 other people sat there quietly looking at their phones. I felt very uncomfortable and did not want to know any of this. After that lunch, it seemed like a good day to put in my 2 week notice.

2 Week Notice

On my 10th day, I put in my 2 weeks notice.  I worked 3 more days which were uneventful as a cashier and dishwasher.  My manager said she was really sad to see me go because I was a very good and detailed worker. That describes me well.

Last Day

On my last day there, I didn’t tell anyone besides the managers that I was quitting. I wasn’t that close with my coworkers since we were all busy working hard.

It was a good time to pick up my paychecks. I didn’t pick up any since I started working there.  It wasn’t very much money but noticed how critical TIPS are to people in the food industry.