bus from narita to tokyo

Narita Airport Bus: How To Get from Narita Airport To Tokyo

For a better viewing experience, I made a YouTube video on how to get from Narita to Tokyo with the Keisei bus. It gives you the full experience.

How To Get from Narita Airport To Tokyo for cheap!

It took many trips to Tokyo until I finally stumbled upon the Narita airport bus. Previously I had used the Narita Express train (NEX) and airport limousine bus. While researching the transportation on how to get to Mt. Fuji, I found the Keisei Narita To Tokyo Station Bus!

Narita Express Train ¥3000

When I first started going to Japan, I would use the Narita express train. That’s going to cost you over ¥3000 just to get to Tokyo Station. You then have to transfer to the local subway or buses to get to your hotel…and if you have luggage it’s going to be difficult. You might get lost at the station, take the wrong transportation and you might be doing all this with luggage during rush hour.

If you’re not staying by Tokyo Station, I would recommend the Airport limousine bus for the convenience of being dropped off much closer to your destination. Sometimes when searching for where to stay in Tokyo, I plan it around an Airport Limousine bus stop.

Airport Limousine Bus ¥3000

That’s when I started using the Tokyo Airport Limousine Bus. It runs from both Haneda and Narita and takes you to various locations around Tokyo. It’s the EASIEST option to get from Narita to Tokyo…but it will still cost you around ¥3000.

Keisei Bus ¥1000

I don’t know why the Keisei bus from Narita to Tokyo is so much cheaper! On my most recent trip to Japan, I had to give it a shot. If you’re wondering how to get from Narita airport to Tokyo for cheap, this is it!

The Keisei bus has multiple routes around Tokyo, but if you’re looking to get from Narita to Tokyo, there’s only one route and it will cost you ¥1000 for adults and ¥500 for kids. It runs hourly from Narita airport (all terminals) to Tokyo Station.

bus from narita to tokyo

Getting Tickets for the Keisei Narita Airport Bus

Narita Airport

At Narita Airport, you can buy tickets at the Keisei bus kiosk at NRT airport. It’s not super obvious to find but the easiest option is to just go directly to the Information desk and they will direct you to the Narita to Tokyo station bus.

The most efficient way when traveling is to really ask for directions at the airport from the information booth. Sometimes I like exploring and finding things on my own, but I learned if you’re last to the bus sometimes you have to wait for the next one. 

Tokyo Station

The Keisei Narita Airport bus stop isn’t exactly at Tokyo Station, but it’s close. There’s a vending machine where you can just buy the tickets . Surprisingly, the bus doesn’t get full. I don’t think many people know  how to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo with the cheapest option.

bus from narita to tokyo

On the vending machine, all the tickets are the same, just listed in different languages. From top to bottom, it’s listed in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. The buttons on the right are to select if the ticket is for an adult or child.

bus from narita to tokyo

Waiting For The Departure

There were buses departing every 20-minutes and I wasn’t in a rush. After picking up a ticket for the bus departing in 40 minutes, I had to make a pit stop at Excelsior cafe. It’s located right next to the bus station.

I saw this large sign for Cremia so I had to make a pit stop. I’ve only seen Cremia ice cream in Japan so I indulge whenever I have the chance.

It’s…typically not this droopy. Besides the strange droop, it was still delicious. I highly recommend you try Cremia when in Japan, especially if you take the Keisei bus from Narita to Tokyo since it brings you to the Cremia ice cream.

Getting From Tokyo to Narita

This is the cheapest option if you’re wondering how to get from Narita airport from Tokyo. Besides walking, the Keisei bus will take you to/from Narita to Tokyo for only ¥1000. You just show them the ticket when you board and there aren’t any stops.

bus from narita to tokyo

On The Keisei Tokyo To Narita Bus

The ride from Tokyo station to Narita should take less than an hour. This bus doesn’t have a bathroom since they expect that you can hold it in for an hour…but I just had a lot of ice cream.

Pro-Tip: Always use the restroom before getting on a bus or in a car. You never know when you can end up in traffic. I learned that from living in Los Angeles.

bus from narita to tokyo

Keisei Bus Amenities

Each seat is equipped with:

  • 1 power outlet
  • 1 cup holder
  • Slow WiFi (less than 1mbps)
bus from narita to tokyo

Arriving At Narita Airport

The bus ride from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport took approximately 50 minutes. There wasn’t any traffic and the TV screen inside the bus gave live updates on our arrival time.

The bus makes stops at all NRT airport terminals.

bus from narita to tokyo