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Staying In A Japanese Capsule Hotel: Tokyo

The capsule hotels I’ve seen have been much nicer than hostels and more private.  I found an amazing last minute deal on Agoda (30% off) and booked a stay at the Centurion Hotel Residential Cabin Tower in Tokyo for $13/night. With only two nights left in Tokyo, I decided to spend the night #1 in a capsule hotel and night #2 and the fancy Intercontinental Tokyo.

I arrived at the capsule hotel at noon and wouldn’t be able to check-in until 2pm.  That was a hard rule they had.  With my carry-on bag locked up at the check-in counter, I held onto my backpack with all my valuables and proceeded through the city. My ticket for the Robot Restaurant show in Shinjuku for 4pm and had to arrive at least 30 minutes early per the ticketing instructions.

The Capsule

When I returned, I found the capsules to be very modern with a classic touch.  The TV was big, there was a universal power outlet, the bathrooms were clean and there were private showers.  This was really good for $17.  Especially since it was in a popular area.

The only thing I hated about it was that the capsule was that it got too hot.  Maybe it was just mine (#409) since I was at the corner, but it was HOT!  There was an air vent but not much was going through.  I did attempt to make adjustments to the vent but there was no improvement in temperature.  Before I went to sleep I took a cold shower. I woke up in a hot sweat after a few hours.  If it wasn’t for the temperature, I’d absolutely stay again.  

Overall Score

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