sapporo airport train

How To Travel Around Sapporo, Japan

You’ll probably figure out that once you land in Chitose airport, you’ll need to take the train into town.  It’s about 45 minutes ride between the airport and Sapporo station.

If you haven’t already picked up a PASMO or SUICA, Sapporo uses a card called “Sapica.”  It’s the same thing but you can only get a refund for it in Sapporo.

Price: 1360 JPY

sapporo airport train sapporo airport train sapporo airport train

Finding Tours

There aren’t many English tour groups in Sapporo.  Your best bet is to figure something out from the Hokkaido Tourist Information Center located at Sapporo Station.

Getting around Sapporo:

If your hotel is nearby, you can walk using the underground passageway (lots of shops and it’s awesome in case it’s raining or cold outside) otherwise transfer to the local train.

sapporo undergroundTo use local transportation, purchase a Sapica card.  There’s a 500JPY deposit for the card.

After preloading money into your Sapica card, to use the:

Subway – Scan your card on the IC reader each time you pass through the station gate.

Bus – You enter in the middle of the bus, scan your card immediately while getting on, then get off the bus from the front.  You’ll have to scan your Sapica card before getting off the bus.

Tram – You enter in the middle of the tram and exit through the front.  You only have to scan while getting off the tram since it’s a flat rate price of 200JPY for adults and 100JPY for kids.

sapporo tram