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Award Flight Booking Strategies: Tokyo to Sapporo on JAL

The best value with avios is short distanced flights.  For only 4500 avios and $2.56 USD, I flew from Tokyo to Sapporo and back.


I booked a flight from Tokyo to Sapporo for the next day using Avios for a total price of 4500 Avios + $2.56 USD.  I didn’t even bother looking if that was the best price because I KNEW that was the best price.  Especially getting the quality service of JAL, I knew my bags were already included so I wouldn’t have to pay the luggage fees that would have been included using a low cost carrier.

jal economy jal economy jal economy jal economy
The Flight

As you could expect with JAL, the service was fast, attentive and of the highest quality.  The plane was very clean and I had plenty of legroom.  The only problem I had was that the “call attendant” button is on the armrest.  I accidentally called the flight attendant once due to this reason.

Using United Miles In Japan

You can also book with United Airlines for 5k anywhere within Japan.  They charge a $75 close-in fee (if booked within 21 days of departure).  But sometimes dealing with United can be a nightmare.

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