A Trip to Melbourne (more like, meh-bored!)

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I’m from Los Angeles and found Melbourne to be too much like home so I found it boring. 

I was really liking Sydney and several people recommended going to Melbourne so I decided that this would be my next destination.  Vacations are much more interesting when you keep an open schedule.  On my last night in Sydney, I booked a flight to Melbourne the next day…using only 4,500 Avios from credit cards!

When I arrived in Melbourne airport, I quickly found the Skybus (at the arrivals curb) and bought a ticket for $18AUD to Melbourne’s city center.  They don’t have a train that runs between to the airport.

I was staying at an AirBnB in the central business district on the 26th floor of a new building.  This seemed cool at first but the next day the elevator button broke and wouldn’t stop on the floor.  I found a way to get the elevator by holding the DOWN button as it tried to pass by.  The AirBnB also included a rock climbing wall but it was closed during my stay…unless you went around the ropes. But enough of that, back to the city.

Within the CBD (Central Business District) tram rides are free.  Otherwise you’ll need a Myki card (pronounced as “Mikey”) which is the metro pass.  To get around town you can use any of the trams or buses.

The good thing about the graffiti in Melbourne is that they allow it in certain alleyways around the city.  But of course you’ll still find it throughout town like on buses and random walls.  Hosier lane is the most popular for street art.  You’ll also find many homeless people around the city, especially by the central train station.  Additionally, you’ll find people who are addicted to drugs and trash littered throughout the city…Los Angeles.

The taxes on cigarettes and alcohol are very high in Australia. But, when comparing these two between Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll find that Melbourne is much cheaper for those items.  That makes me think maybe that’s why Melbourne isn’t as nice as Sydney.

I took a bike tour and we stopped for lunch at “Grub Food Van” where I had an amazing kangaroo tartare and ginger beer.  It paired well.  This was the best part of Melbourne for me.

They also have a beach. I took the tram to St. Kilda beach but found it’s the same quality as Santa Monica beach.  A little dirty, crowded and touristy.

I live in Los Angeles and this is my home, but going to Melbourne doesn’t seem like going on a vacation.  If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne, hopefully this has helped you decide how long you want to visit for.  I booked 5 nights with AirBnB and left Melbourne after 4 nights because I got bored.

3 thoughts on “A Trip to Melbourne (more like, meh-bored!)”

  1. Sometimes is difficult to know in advance if a place is going to like it or not!

  2. To really appreciate Melbourne , Victoria ideally you need to hire a car and drive out to the Yarra Valley, drive up to Mount Dandenong through the magnificent gum trees, or go to the back beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, visit Warrandyte and the list goes on. All these things are about an hour s drive out of Melbourne – there are plenty of options. I have grown up in Melbourne ( in the suburbs – not the city) and love it.

    1. Dan

      Thank you for the tips! I looked at a lot of TripAdvisor tours when I was there and mostly city stuff came up. I’ll definitely check that out next time I’m “down unda—“

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