6 Bangkok Animal Cafes You Should Visit

There are actually a lot of different types of animal cafes in Bangkok. I don’t think there are many animal, safety or health regulations in Thailand so you can find a lot of pet cafes in Bangkok with different types of animals. Since Thailand is a country that is heavily based on tourism, if it attracts people it’s good business. But don’t worry, healthcare in Thailand is very affordable in case anything happens.

I’ve been to several of these Bangkok Animal cafes and I haven’t been hurt. These animal cafes in Bangkok speak English, so they’ll teach you how to interact with the animals safely. If you treat these pets with love and respect, they’ll do the same…most likely.

Caturday Cat Cafe Bangkok

Google Maps Location
Entry Fee: Free / Treats start at 40THB

Love cats? At this Bangkok cat cafe they have over 20! That’s a lot of cats. Caturday Cat Cafe Bangkok doesn’t have an official entry fee, but you should probably buy a drink and snack to help keep them in business. As you may already know, when dealing with animals, they love treats. Prices for treats at this Bangkok cat cafe start at 40THB ($1.30 USD).

I’m allergic to cats so you won’t find me at this Bangkok cat cafe. But by the pictures on their Facebook, these are some cool cats. It’s not the only cat cafe in Bangkok in case you want to do a “cat crawl”.

Corgi Cafe: Corgi in the Garden

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Entry fee: 350THB per 1-hour session / 100THB for treats

I actually went back to Thailand because I wanted to go to this Bangkok corgi cafe! It was even better than I expected. Be sure to see my Corgi Cafe Bangkok post for full details. The facility is as nice as a Starbucks, the corgis are well trained and the trainers help you to take some amazing photos.

The price for Corgi in the Garden Cafe Bangkok is a little higher than other dog cafes, but it does include a drink. You’ll only have 1-hour with the dogs (on weekends) and they have several sessions. Be sure to do your research before arriving otherwise they might be in a closed session and you’ll have to wait around until the next one.

It’s located on the western end of Bangkok only accessible by car/taxi, but it’s worth the journey at least once in this lifetime.

dog cafe bangkok

Raccoon Cafe Bangkok: Pooltime Cafe

Google Maps Location
Entry fee: 199THB per 50-minute session

After leaving Thailand, I found out there was a Bangkok racoon cafe! I’m planning on going back to Thailand to visit this racoon cafe. According to the reviews, there’s an entry fee of 199THB and each session is 50-minutes. Sounds like you should get there right when they open otherwise you’ll have to wait for your turn with the raccoons.

As a raccoon cafe in Bangkok, it’s surprising to see that the reviews for the food drinks are pretty good. Not something you’d expect at a Bangkok animal cafe, or just any place with animals.

Foxes, Meerkats, Owls and more: Little Zoo Cafe

Google Maps Location 1
Google Maps Location 2
Entry Fee: 390THB

There are two locations for Little Zoo Bangkok animal cafe and there is a difference in animal availability per location. Little Zoo has the biggest variety as an animal cafe in Bangkok. As the name implies, it’s a little zoo with birds, dogs, cats, foxes, raccoons, meerkats and more.

On the surface, it sounds like a great animal cafe in Bangkok to visit since you have a lot of animals in one place. But from the reading the reviews, it’s actually too many animals in one cafe. Many reviewers are concerned that the space is too cramped for that many animals and it’s a bad experience for guests and the animals.

As a cafe, the facility looks very clean and beautiful…including the food and drinks. Since this Bangkok pet cafe has the most unique animals, I’ll be back to Thailand to check it out. It’s a Bangkok Owl Cafe, Meerkat Cafe, Bird Cafe and pretty much every animal cafe in Bangkok….well every reasonably-sized animal.

Bangkok Dog Cafe: Dogteria Cafe

Google Maps Location
Entry Fee: 169THB Unlimited time / 100THB for treats

I went to this dog cafe in Bangkok and loved it. Dogteria Cafe has all types of dogs from small to big, it’s dog grooming facility, dog cafe and has decent food and drinks.

When I first went to Dogteria dog cafe in Bangkok, I stopped outside and had to check my phone. I was concerned that the dog cafe was mislabeled on Google because it looks like a big dog grooming store from the outside. But I went in anyway.

Inside the Bangkok dog cafe, I looked at the menu and it was all for dog grooming options. But I kept looking at the menu. By the time I got to the last few pages, that’s where it was, the cafe menu. They had unusually full meals for a cafe. I’m talking about full kitchen that makes American and Thai food.

They bill you on the way out and the entry fee is 169THB for unlimited time with the dogs. In the dog cafe side, the small and medium-sized dogs freely wander around and play with you. Be sure to buy them some treats. In the back corner of the room, they have a section to play with the big dogs. There’s a trainer in that area making sure the dogs don’t get out of control…and just to play with them too.

There weren’t many other guests here so I got a lot of attention from the dogs. It was a lot of fun playing with all of them. The food and facility isn’t as nice as other animal cafes in Bangkok, but the dogs are fun to play with which is the biggest reason to go.

bangkok dog cafe

Husky Cafe (Truelove@Neverland)

Google Maps Location
Entry Fee: 500THB per 1-hour session

Do you like big dogs? Well, more specifically huskies? Then this Bangkok Husky cafe is for you. They have a big outdoor play area for you to play with their huskies!

This Bangkok husky cafe is definitely the most expensive animal cafe with an entry fee of 500THB per 1-hour session! That’s a lot. But then again, it’s expensive to maintain a dog cafe with big dogs. They eat a lot.

The only bad part about this husky cafe in Bangkok is their name, “True love @ Neverland.” I don’t think it’s intentional, but you will definitely not find a place with that type of name in America. It has very inappropriate implications regarding Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.