Chiang Mai 32km Bike Ride: The Doi Lom Challenge

cafe stop

I enjoy a good challenge, but I wouldn’t do this again.  I found a tour called the Doi Lom Challenge through and thought very highly of my fitness level.  BTW, I only use bicycles while on vacation.

The tour was 1400THB ($40USD) and it was A LOT of uphill. The tour consisted of only three people: Jin, the guide and me.  The good thing about a small group was that we could go at our own pace, which wasn’t very fast.  The guide said not many people take the tour since it’s tough.  That made sense why no one else was on the tour.  It made a lot more sense as I walked my bicycle up some of the steep hills.

We did most of the uphill in the first half of the tour then took a break at a cafe for snacks and the best Thai Iced Tea I’ve ever had.  That may also have been due to the dehydration but it was soooooooo good.


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Chiang Mai 32km Bike Ride: The Doi Lom Challenge

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