Dublin Airlink Express Bus From Dublin Airport To The City Center

Taking the Airlink Express (Dublin airport bus) is the cheapest way (7 Euros) to get to Dublin’s city center from the airport.

How To Get From Dublin Airport To The City Center

Using Dublin’s Airlink Express

There isn’t really any Uber in Dublin. Uber just calls you a metered taxi.  METERED TAXI! One of the highest chances of being scammed in the world.

Pro-tip: If you’re ever in a metered taxi and the driver asks “First time visiting [location]?” always say “No, I’ve been here a few times and am visiting friends.”  Because if you say “Yes,” that means it’s your first time in the city and you have no idea where anything is, especially the taxi routes.

Taking an Uber From Dublin Airport

Uber gave me an estimate of 35 Euros to the city with the metered taxi.  The Airlink bus (Dublin airport bus) was a flat-rate only 7 Euros and a short walk to my destination. Naturally, I chose the bus.

Figuring Out Public Transit To The City Center

After landing at Dublin airport, I went straight to the information booth and asked them how to get to my hotel.  They told me which airlink bus to take (there are several based on destination) and what stop to get out at. Easy!

Buying Tickets For the Dublin Airport Bus

Tickets are available at kiosks outside the terminal, in front of the airlink bus pick-up locations. It’s 7 Euros if you buy it there.  It’s 6 Euros if you buy it online from their website.

For some reason my U.S. credit card wouldn’t process the payment without a PIN code. I don’t have one on my credit card so I couldn’t complete the transaction.  Luckily, I was able to use my debit card. I hate using my debit card since there’s a higher risk of getting actual money stolen from me.  Credit cards are safer against fraudulent charges and you can get cashback with the right credit card choices.

Storing Luggage On The Airlink Express

The bus is a large double-decker. When you get on the bus, you scan your ticket, drop off your luggage on the big racks then take a seat.  The luggage racks are monitored by CCTV and are displayed on a monitor on the 1st and 2nd levels.  This made me feel pretty safe about leaving my luggage down there as I went to take a seat at the top deck.

Like most buses, as you approach your stop you have to hit the button to notify the driver to stop. Once I got close to my destination, I hit the stop button, picked up my luggage and got out.


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