Fast Food Chronicles: Eating at KFC in Cluj, Romania

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I love fried chicken. That’s exactly why you’re seeing this post. I’ve eaten KFC in 30+ countries but haven’t documented it well so I should start. It would be a good “KF-Series” if you know what I mean.

Why KFC?

Honestly, KFC isn’t that good in the United States. Every time I see a commercial that makes me want to go try the “new thing” I end up with a disappointed stomach. But for some reason, KFC tastes better in a lot of other countries. Maybe it’s cause I miss the type of food. I know a lot of other bloggers do “McDonald’s Around The World” but I think I normally go for KFC and Taco Bell when available. Sometimes both because I like awful food. Kidding though, KFC is really good depending on where you go.

I don’t like most of the traditional European food. From my experience in Dublin, you can get a sense of what I mean. I want really good food or really cheap food. It’s a tough balance and sometimes I get the worst possible combination of expensive and awful food.

In Romania, KFC was 8/10. It was pretty good compared to Romanian food.  I was craving something with some spice so I got the Zinger “Big on TASTE!” as you can tell. The price was 10 LEI, which was $2.50USD at the time.

KF-Crypto? I support this.

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