Fast Food Chronicles: Eating At KFC In Iceland

Let’s be honest here, fried chicken is delicious.  When done correctly, the crispy texture of the outside skin combined with the juicy meat is a symphony of balance.  Especially with Colonel’s herbs and spices, I enjoy trying KFC when traveling. A lot of other travelers have McDonald’s as their go-to, but I like fried chicken.

Eating At A KFC/Taco Bell Combo Restaurant In Iceland

KFC Iceland | I didn’t see a KFC or a Taco Bell in downtown Reykjavik.  While driving down the highway, I found one away from the city.  I went into the parking lot with the mission to sleep but eventually found myself inside looking at the menu.

The menu was completely in Icelandic. This place definitely did not get tourists. Luckily, the girl at the counter spoke English. I ordered 1 taco and 1 piece of fried chicken.

The Food

I used to love Taco Bell until I found out what real Mexican food was, now I can’t eat there anymore.  But, when you have the opportunity to try it in another country, I’m going to try it.

For $4USD you can get one taco and for another $4USD you can get one tiny piece of chicken on a disposable plate. Very appetizing…

The taco was mostly sour cream and lettuce. This was awful.  The chicken was mostly seasoning and air. To salvage the meal, I placed the chicken inside the taco. Bam! Food hacked!

This crappy meal in Iceland costs $8USD. The world is a big place with different economies. For reference, this porchetta risotto in Romania cost $8.75 and was amazing.


TLDR; Go big in KFC Iceland and get a good meal or don’t go at all.