Food Review: Kang Hodong Chicken 678 Tokyo

Food Review: Kang Hodong Chicken 678 Tokyo

In Los Angeles, Kang Hodong Baekjeong is my favorite KBBQ place.  That’s favorite KBBQ in the world.  In January 2017, I ate at 678 KBBQ in Sydney, Australia since it’s part of the chain.  Since I’m in Tokyo, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to try the food.

Observation: I noticed that in Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo, each restaurant is located in Koreatown.  It is a Korean owned chain so that makes sense.

This restaurant is much different than the other KHD’s I’ve been to.  This restaurant does not serve KBBQ.  They serve chicken prepared in many different ways along with Korean side dishes.  Okay.  I’ll still give it a shot.


I got the 2 types of chicken set: original and spicy.  They didn’t ask how spicy so I guess there’s only one level: Inferno.  I took one bite of the spicy chicken and this was my experience:

  •      0-5 seconds: First bite. Doesn’t seem that spicy.  It’s a little sweet
  •      5-20 seconds: Coughing
  •      20-30 seconds: I think my mouth is on fire
  •      30 seconds: Presses button to call server
  •      30-60 seconds: More coughing
  •      60 seconds: Orders water
  •      60-120 seconds: Coughing, crying and my mouth is on fire
  •      120 seconds: Water arrives
  •      120-150 seconds: Drinking water
  •      151 seconds: Goes for second bite

The overall experience was underwhelming.  Nothing made it really stand out from another chicken place or another Korean restaurant.


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