Memoirs From Marugame: Everything I Learned To Appreciate

I told some of my coworkers at Disney about the restaurant job. They thought I was doing the job for fun, that’s not correct.  I’m doing the job for pain.  Pain to have a much greater appreciation for everything I do.  Also to understand more about people who aren’t as fortunate to live my lifestyle while also understanding their struggles.  I didn’t tell the people at the restaurant job that I work at Disney because I don’t want them to think I’m looking down on them. I respect their work.  It’s not easy, but you need to do the work you can to survive.  For some people there, it’s their career and they take pride in their work.  You can’t look down on that.  You can only look up and use it as an example to work hard and take pride in the results of your own efforts.

Things I Learned To Appreciate From Working A Part-Time Job:

  • Having a consistent place to park
  • Living close to work so you don’t spend most of your day in traffic
  • Being able to start work whenever you get there
  • Being able to take a break whenever you want
  • Managing your own workload and not having to pretend to look busy
  • Having a breakroom not exposed to the elements of nature
  • Having free coffee at work
  • Having a chair at work – standing all day sucks
  • Not having to wear a uniform
  • If you need time off, you can ask for it. At Marugame, if you had to take unscheduled time off, you had to get someone else to cover your shift
  • Having a predictable and consistent schedule. At Marugame, they’d email you your schedule for the week on Sunday.  That means, you don’t know what time your working on Monday until the day before. Very short notice and it makes it difficult to make plans.

There’s probably more things I appreciate, but those are the things I’ll remember the most. As long as you try your best, you can take pride all the work you do.