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Okinawa Foodie: Japanese Black Curry from 食堂ぬーじボンボンZ

Japanese black curry from食堂ぬーじボンボンZ (translation: Cafeteria Inuji Bonbon Z) was tasty, but finding the place and ordering was a lot more fun.

While staying at the Crowne Plaza Naha, I was looking for a nearby restaurant to fuel up.  There were very limited options near the hotel, but a quick search on Google Maps led me to 食堂ぬーじボンボンZ (translation: Cafeteria Inuji Bonbon Z).

It looks like they’re known for their black curry.  As a Japanese curry fan, I would have to try this.  The best option in LA is Curry House in Little Tokyo, it’s pretty good but that’s because that’s my only real option in LA for Japanese curry. If you know of a better place, please tell me cause I will go try it.

Getting There

Using Google Maps, I found the place very close to the Crowne Plaza but in a strange location. I walked up, down and around the block a few times trying to find the entrance.

japanese curry restaurantAs you can see, it’s not along the main street. I was walking around the block to find the pathway to the restaurant.  After some time, I decided just to walk through the field to get to the location and hope that was it.

japanese curry restaurant
Seems sketchy, but I’ll walk towards this adventure for curry
japanese curry restaurant
I got a little closer and this might be it or a home
japanese curry restaurant
It says “Open” so that’s a good sign. Not very welcoming with the door closed

The Restaurant

Without pressing the doorbell (I realized that’s what you do later, since all the other guests did it), I opened the door and walked in.  It’s kind of scary and exciting walking through a small forest into a closed home while knowing no one will no what happened to you. I guess that’s the psychology behind Hansel and Gretel’s tale.

I walk in! As soon as I do I hear footsteps walking towards me quickly.  It’s the waiter and in Japanese asks how many people.  I give the universal “one” gesture, put my shoes aside and follow him towards the bar.japanese curry restaurant japanese curry restaurant japanese curry restaurant

I’m definitely more comfortable in believing this is a real restaurant after seeing that there’s other real customers eating food.  That’s where Hansel and Gretel went wrong, that was definitely just someone’s house and not a candy store.

Looking around, this is a very down home style restaurant. Items aren’t as organized but placed around the store in a practical sense.japanese curry restaurant japanese curry restaurantAfter taking a look at the menu, I went with the black curry with breaded pork.japanese black curry

4/5 for food

5/5 for adventure

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