The Grand Hyatt Santiago Executive Room, Diplomatic Suite and Corner Terrace

When I first saw that the Grand Hyatt Diplomatic Suite mistake price, I booked 4 nights with no flight and details of where I wanted to be at the time.  When you see a crazy deal like that, you book first and ask questions later.  Worst case scenario, would be losing $16 if I couldn’t go.

12/17/15 – 1 Night booked with 8000 Hyatt Points

12/18/15 – 12/18/15 – 4 nights booked for the mistake rate of $4/night for the Diplomatic Suite through AMEX Plat FHR

(details on the price here: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/hotel-deals/1697838-grand-hyatt-santiago-diplomatic-suite-usd-5-00-per-night.html)

I arrived a day early and just used points for the night.  It’s located in the suburban part of Chile next to office buildings and a mall.  No nightlife in the area.

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It was a week before Christmas and they had a giant tree set up in the lonny.  I went with the super selfie perspective.

The first room I stayed in was an upgraded executive room.  I actually liked this room more than the Diplomatic suite.  But my favorite room ended up being the one with the balcony.  Long story short, I ended up staying in 3 rooms.

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The exec room was very nice!  I was pretty happy with it, but at the time I was more excited to see what the Diplomatic suite was all about!


As you can see, it was pretty nice.  But it was way too much space for just me.  Everything seemed too far away.  This is a very rare first world problem.

The last room I stayed in was a corner terrace suite located on Floor 1.  I liked being able to see the pool and the street from my balcony.

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Now, you’re probably why and how I checked out of the hotel 3 times and ended up having 3 rooms.  That will be in my next post on how to have a panic attack and check out of the same hotel 3 times.