Okinawa Tourist Guide: ROUND1 Stadium Okinawa

Okinawa Tourist Guide: ROUND1 Stadium Okinawa

As you know, Okinawa is known for the three S’s: Shoppin’, swimmin’, and som’ arcades.  The best arcade around is ROUND1 Stadium (not to be confused with just “ROUND1”).

ROUND1 Stadium Okinawa is very similar to the ROUND1 Stadium Osaka I’ve visited. The layout and available games were very similar. There are multiple floors each with different games and attractions.  But let’s start with getting there from Naha:

Getting There

There is a free shuttle bus from Naha city to ROUND1 Stadium Okinawa.  If you’re close to the Yui rail, take that to Omoromachi station. At Omoromachi Station go down the stairs at the west exit.  There, you’ll find a red ROUND1 bus waiting every 30-60 minutes.  It departs on the hour and on the :30’s.

ROUND1 Stadium Okinawa shuttle scheduleround1 okinawa round1 okinawa shuttle stop round1 okinawa bus

Once you’re on the bus, ask the driver for a ticket.  He’ll hand you a small rectangular yellow paper in Japanese.  I didn’t get one because I didn’t know what it was for until I tried to take the bus from Round One to Omoromachi.  The paper just signifies that you took the bus from Omoromachi to Round One as a round-trip.  It’s to deter people from abusing the bus to travel between Naha and Ginowan.round1 okinawa shuttle

round1 okinawa shuttle
This dude’s eyebrows seemed suspicious…

When I tried to use the bus on my way back, the driver asked for a ticket I did not have.  He then asked if I had a receipt from Round One; I didn’t have that either.  I took out a few coupons that were given to me after completing my 90-minute visit to Round One.  That was enough for the driver.  I realized, the driver thought I might have not actually gone to Round One since I was holding shopping bags from the nearby mall.  That makes sense.

The Facility

The first and second floor has the crane, casino and video games.  The upper levels are where you can find bowling, karaoke, and day pass activities.

round1 okinawa arcade round1 okinawa arcade round1 okinawa arcade round1 okinawa arcade round1 okinawa arcade round1 okinawa arcade round1 okinawa round1 okinawa

round1 okinawa
Floor guide
round1 okinawa

round1 okinawa

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