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Tokyo Nightlife: All You Can Drink Alcohol At A Maid Bar

When you’re in the middle of Tokyo nightlife with friends and it’s a drinking night, seeing “All You Can Drink” is going to get your attention.  Seeing “All You Can Drink” at a maid bar will definitely get you to consider the location.

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Jeanne D’Arc Maid Bar Akihabara

As my friends and I were browsing the Tokyo nightlife in the Akihabara side of town, we saw “All You Can Drink.”  This stopped us and we had to know more.  The place was called “Jeanne D’Arc” in Akihabara and they had an “All You Can Drink” promo for 30 minutes for 3000JPY.  If you stay longer than that, you’ll obviously have to pay more.

We were already drinking and dining in Akihabara on a rainy summer night, and was led into a building by a girl dressed like a maid on the street.  The businesses in the building were primarily all maid bars with older male customers.  The girl from the street led us to the bar she was working in and it didn’t seem like an interesting place to drink.  We immediately left and started checking out all the other maid bars in the building.

Maid Cafe Tokyo Price: All-You-Can-Drink

It was 3000JPY for all you can drink for 30 minutes at this maid cafe (at least I think that’s what it was).  I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures (cause I didn’t want to pay), so these photos have been taken from their Twitter page.

Maid Cafe Tokyo Nightlife Language Barrier

We were guided in the dark bar towards a booth for the four of us.  The girls were dressed in gothic style maid uniforms and English wasn’t spoken very well by any of the workers.  We got by with my super basic level Japanese and my friend’s Mandarin.  One of the waitresses was from Shanghai so they were able to communicate in Mandarin. It was definitely a business targeting Japanese customers

Tokyo Bar Drinks

We ordered our first round of drinks (all cocktails for full value).  It took several minutes for the drinks to arrive (only really matters since we were on a 30 minute time limit).  I ordered a whiskey soda (highball) and there was very little alcohol in it.  Very little alcohol was in any of the drinks.maid bar japan

Maid Cafe Girl Stats:

The maid that spoke Mandarin made small talk with our group.  She explained that each maid there had different stats printed out on these guides at each table.  The stats page included their name, HP, MP and Skill.  The HP/MP/Skill points would go up by one, each time a guest would:

  • Buy her a drink
  • Pay for her to dance
  • Pay for her to sing

A great marketing scheme to induce customers to spend more money. I had no plans of spending any additional money for meaningless stats.

Maid Girls Sing:

We saw one of the girls sing, and it was awful.  You could tell which guy paid for her to sing, cause he was the most enthusiastic.  We passed on buying our maid anything and continued with drinks.

Getting Full Value From All-You-Can-Drink

Our drinks were quickly finished and we ordered another.  This time I specifically asked to make our drinks stronger.  The waitress obliged, came back 10 minutes later with another round.  Two of the four of our drinks were very strong.

With another round of drinks finished, we ordered our third round.  This was the last time we could order a drink since we were 22 minutes into this 30 minute adventure.  This time, I mentioned to make all our drinks VERY strong.

The waitress came back a few minutes later and DAMN, these drinks were strong.  We were at the 30 minute mark and had to get out of there or pay for more time.  The waitress mentioned we’d have to pay more time and we said we were already on our way out.  We’re a pretty cheap group so we finished those drinks and got out of there.

The next day, everyone was hungover.

Jeanne D’Arc Maid Bar Information:

Location: 東京都 千代田区外神田1-8-4銭谷ビル5F


Official Website

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