Robot Restaurant Shinjuku: Adrenaline, Robots and Dancing Ladies

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku: Adrenaline, Robots and Dancing Ladies

The Robot Restaurant show was designed for tourists like me.  So if you don’t know much about Japan, you’d probably have some general knowledge that Japan is the home on ninjas, samurais, robots and girls dancing.  This show puts all that together in one place for you!  Most of it seemed historically accurate.

Getting Tickets to the robot restaurant
robot show japan

I booked the show online the day before using for only 5200JPY.  If you purchase a ticket at the venue it will cost you 8000JPY.  You don’t have to worry about the show selling out since they have several shows a day and two locations.  I went to the 4pm show and it was about half full.  I purchased the “show only” ticket and skipped the food package.  Japan is full of really good restaurants. It would be ridiculous to have a meal here.

Upon arriving at the Robot Restaurant Shinjuku, you’ll have to trade your voucher for an actual ticket to the show.  Included with your ticket are a free beverage (beer or non-beer) and popcorn.  You’ll then make your way across the alleyway to the actual show venue.  There will be lockers and a place for you to check your umbrellas if needed.  Then you’ll head down two floors to the seating area.


The show starts exactly when they say it does.  I booked the 4pm show and got in at 3:56pm.  They were no longer serving drinks and the show was about to start.  If you get there late or if you’re in the bathroom when the show starts, you CANNOT go back to your seat until the next break.

The host came out and started explaining the rules of the show.  No flash photography and electronic devices must disable wifi.  The wifi messes with the robot communications.  The other important thing is that if you’re sitting in the front row, be prepared to lean back!  A lot of the robots overlap a little with the front row.  This is a complete lawsuit in America but in Japan, this is extreme space efficiency.

After the first 30 minutes of the show, they took a break to sell merchandise and drinks.  I quickly redeemed my drink voucher for a beer.  They also recommended using the restroom since the next 2 breaks will be too short to use the restroom.

The experience

The show was exciting and had my heart racing throughout.  There were pretty girls dancing around, robots, pyrotechnics, fighting and a very poor plot to pull it all together. But the show altogether gets a 5/5 since it was fun and the price was pretty good after finding a deal.

The Robot Restaurant show was pretty much designed for tourists therefore everything at the show was in English and I don’t think I saw any Japanese people in the audience.


It gets loud in there, so if you have sensitive hearing, bring some earplugs.  I bought some specialty earplugs that bring the decibel levels down while still being able to hear everything clearly and not muffled.  They’re kind of like reverse hearing aids.  Unfortunately I didn’t bring those cause I didn’t think it would be that loud.

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