Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama – A Place You’ve Always Wanted To Go

Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama – A Place You’ve Always Wanted To Go

Japan is the home of cup noodles! If you’ve ever had a cup, you owe it to yourself to check it out in Japan and make your own custom cup noodles flavor, see their history, play in their park, make noodles from scratch and eat at their international noodle food court.

Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum Review

I like to travel with a very loose schedule. I based myself for a week in Yokohama since I knew that would have easy access to Tokyo and Hakone.  While looking for things to do around Yokohama, I found about the cup noodles museum. I didn’t do much research besides it’s locations because I like to jump into the situation.

It’s An Actual Cup Noodles Museum

When I got there it was surprisingly awesome! From the outside, it’s located in a very popular area. There are malls and amusement parks in the area, although it’s still about a 10 minute walk to any subway station. I decided to go here around 5pm and found out by that time they were already sold out on museum passes. They close at 6pm!

Dang. Alright.

Determined, I went back the next day at 10am when they opened. I went to purchase a ticket and found out there were several options. The museum entry fee is mandatory and there’s an optional fee to build your own custom cup noodles flavor. To me that wasn’t optional, that was mandatory experience for life. There was an additional experience for making noodles from scratch, but that looked like more work than fun from the expressions of the people I saw in the experience.  Additional tickets can be purchased any time and there’s a schedule if you want to go on the English version. cup noodles museum gift shop

The actual museum part was very inspiring. It was about these guys selling noodles (very competitive) and revolutionizing the experience by making it quicker, cheaper and more portable. This was critical for people during the Japanese depression when money had to go a long way.

On the top floor there is a children’s play park and a food court. There’s also a balcony where you can get a nice view of Yokohama bay.

Building Your Custom Cup Noodles Cup

After paying 500JPY for the exhibition, you have to book a certain time slot. This is very popular so they have a maximum amount of people per time block. You’ll understand why when you see the large crowds of people there.  For a full guide to the experience, here’s there site:

It’s another 300JPY for the cup noodles container to build your own. It seems like there wasn’t a limit to how many you can build since that part wasn’t regulated.  After getting your cup, you sanitize it, draw something cool, fill it with ramen, ingredients and then seal it.

There is an expiration date so you do have to eat it within a reasonable amount of time. I ate my noodles a week after getting home…and it was tasty.

Noodles Bazaar -World Noodles Road- Food Court Review

Ehhh…it’s all “okay” food. Small bowls of different styles of noodles from around the world for 300JPY. I eat 3 different bowls from several of the vendors. I didn’t finish any them since they weren’t that good. The ambience of a street alley “of the world” they built is pretty nice looking, so that part is worth checking out. BUT, I wouldn’t recommend having a full meal there since you could eat full on tasty noodles at place like Ippudo, Ichiran or Tenkaippin!

…and as always

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