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Getting to the Intercontinental Osaka from KIX


1/15 I arrived at Kansai International Airport (KIX) at 06:30.  I arrived at the Intercontinental Osaka at 9am.  If you know where you’re going, the trip should only take about an hour.  I happened to have no phone so I got lost…a lot.  I also tried purchasing some strange tourist pass at the airport.  Luckily I didn’t because it was for the Keihan rail system and not the JR.  The Keihan isn’t nearly as accessible as the JR lines.  After agreeing to purchase the ticket they said they only took cash and then directed me to an ATM.  That line for the train tickets was pretty long now. I considered it a little more and decided that i didn’t want to deal with having to figure out where the Keihan line stations would be.  Google Maps favors the very popular JR line so I’ll just go with that.  I ended up purchasing a 3000 yen Kansai One Pass.  The way the pass was marketed led me to believe that it was a pass for all of Kansai for several days.  This sounded handy since I was planning on being here for only 4 days and I like a good deal.  I asked the guy (in English of course) how long the pass was good for.  He didn’t understand the question.  Then I asked if the pass was enough for 4 days.  He said yes but seemed annoyed.  After using the card several times I figured out that it’s just a 3000 yen prepaid card.  After a little reading of the flyer he handed me, I learned that the card can be reloaded and any excess funds can be refunded (after a handling fee of course).

I proceeded to the JR station with my newly purchased card and started my journey from KIX to the Intercontinental Osaka.  The temperature was 4C and I was in shorts.  I got on the first train that headed towards Osaka (destination Shin-Osaka) with no hesitation.  I figured that if I messed up, I could just re-figure out that part when I got to the main part of town.  The train ended up being the limited express train to Kyoto with a stop at Shin-Osaka.  As I was about to get into one of the train cars with no lines, I noticed that the car was for reserved seating.  This made sense that there was a long line for the other cars.  I quickly put my bag in the luggage area and took a seat.  A moment later the train conductor came by to check tickets.  When he got to my seat, I handed him my Kansai One card. He then said that the Kansai One card doesn’t cover the additional fee for taking the limited express train.  Well, he said that by handing me a laminated placard in English stating that information.  I owed an additional 960 yen.  Luckily, I just got cash.

I arrived at Shin-Osaka station, still very cold, I had trouble finding out which train would take me to Osaka Station (one stop away).  I gave up trying to figure it out myself after about 3 minutes because I was cold.  I stopped to ask a station employee and he redirected me towards track 15.  I waited about 10 minutes for the train to get there.  I kept moving so I wouldn’t freeze to death.

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